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We seek maximum operational efficiency for our customers through process automation (BPA). We have at your disposal a versatile toolbox (BPM – IPA, RPA) to improve, optimize and automate processes and workflows in your company. With our technological solutions in Intelligent Process Automation we ensure success in the execution of tasks (RPA) and generate real value for your business by automating your processes. An important point for the benefit of organizations is to avoid the cost of recurring tasks and human errors, objectives that are achieved through the implementation of automations also applying Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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IPA – Intelligent Process Automation, is the collection of RPA technologies that integrates intelligent workflows and machine learning through advanced data analysis, which together go beyond the simple execution of automated tasks. With IPA implementations, we seek to make operations within companies more efficient and effective.

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RPA – Robotic Process Automation, which accelerates execution time and avoids human error, brings real and tangible benefits to organizations. RPA is the robotic automation of BPA processes using software to execute recurring tasks saving time and increasing process reliability.

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BPM – Business Process Automation, is a type of process that allows automating any process or flow in a simple and customized way within any company or organization. Have a competitive advantage through the use of BPM software, helping to have your customers more satisfied by increasing the capacity of your business, reducing time and costs, favoring decision making through the analysis of information.

BPA - Business Process Automation

Companies, ventures and organizations today, if they want to move forward with greater agility, must have a greater vision of operations and thus stay ahead with the changes posed by the digital world. By implementing automations you will be able to offer experiences and your customer will feel more connected, better served, increase your response rate and control in an exceptional way each process you decide to automate, which is achieved through a complete use of BPA.

In order to automate your business processes with BPA, we must be able to analyze the steps that your business currently follows, measure precisely the variables involved in each process to be automated – processes that currently have a very high manuality – and choose the best tool to carry out the process through the technology that best fits your needs.

Imagine being able to serve your customers at the time they want or automate recurring tasks within your company (for the latter task we can use RPA)… You don’t have to imagine it because with SQDM you will have the solution to implement process automation (BPA) and task flows achieving a constant improvement in operational efficiency. – that translates into profits –


SQDM business partners (partners) in BPA technology

Partner para BPA

We have a very close relationship with the Bizagi team, in fact, today we provide GAP services certified and referenced directly by them in Colombia and Latin America.

Partner para BPA

We are an Oracle partner since 2009 in the GOLD category. Part of our experience with this technology has been focused on providing BPA services for the telecommunications sector, where we are a reference in the market.

Partner para BPA

A Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool. We use it as an add-on to our IPA-grade process automation solutions (BPA).

Partner para BPA

We use this tool (RPA) as a complement to process automation solutions (BPA) in the IPA category and currently have an alliance as a Business Partner.

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    We bring value to our clients through the integration of automated solutions and implementation of state-of-the-art technologies (IT). With SQDM you can connect your business and make objective decisions that generate differentiation and higher productivity. We are your IT ally.



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