Companies are changing their sales dynamics and, therefore, are preparing their sales teams to rely on data as intuition. In this way, it invites companies to believe in automation systems and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Today we will show you how an automation software product that supports enterprise advertising offers compelling advances in data analytics. Salesforce...
The impact of technology has allowed companies and large enterprises to streamline processes and, at the same time, to innovate many of their techniques and ways of doing things in the work environment. Nowadays it is possible to observe situations that were unimaginable just a few years ago, technology has favored work and will continue...
The acquisition of software for the improvement of internal and external processes in companies must be supported by a team of professionals that guarantee and ensure quality or customer relationship management. Do you know how this is possible?
New technologies are offering companies and businesses the possibility of streamlining internal and external processes. For example, the development of software has allowed customization and the possibility of having systems that will respond to the needs of each company and large multinationals so that they can perform much more accurate work achieving objectives of increased...
The main message of the CFO Summit held at MIT in November: Get out of your offices and embrace change.     SQDM shares an article published by the TechTarget portal, detailing the cultural change in a large global company.
SQDM’s BPM strategy allows the precise measurement of the variables that its automated processes present; this, in turn, makes it possible to make decisions that increase the effectiveness of such processes. BPM is linked to the performance objectives supported by such business processes and at the same time addresses the technology used to make that...
In an era when media companies are finding it difficult to monetize their online visits, the Politico portal reviews the quality of its visitors, rather than the quantity.

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