How to integrate software systems in financial institutions

After the rise of new technologies and the amount of information that exists in the cloud, it is necessary for financial institutions, which collect so much information and must save much more, to have systems and software for integrating really secure processes, which maintain under high standards of protection each of the data of all users.

SQDM talks to you about how to integrate the software systems of different financial institutions, but first it makes clear the importance of protecting personal data through a service-oriented architecture that optimizes processes and takes care of your customers’ data.

Why is it important to protect personal financial data?

Law 1266 of 2008, known as the Law of Habeas Data, is applied to all data of a financial, credit, commercial and service nature registered with banks. Thus, this law aims to regulate the use of information.

This is how the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce protects your fundamental right to Habeas Data so that you can know, update and rectify your data. Then, in the hands of the financial entities, it is up to you to rely on experts to achieve the integration of information systems that take care of the information that users are trusting.

Software for Financial Entities that support personal data protection

In previous lines we mentioned that the banking institutions needed to take care and protect the data of each one of their users and this will only be possible by means of software s that impel the implementation SOA, that is to say that they allow an architecture oriented to services of governability on the information.

SQDM has it clear and as a company that supports the development and manufacture of software, besides knowing the importance of data protection, it offers you accurate services to reach your customers, which will not only guarantee the quality assurance of the bank, but also will allow you to respond to the different profiles of consumers who are looking for your financial products. This is how we put at your disposal:

  • Software Factory. This means that you can manage the demand of requirements and anticipate the growth or contraction of data capacity
  • Quality Assurance. You will have a service that will allow you to bring your applications into production before your competitors do. This is how you will protect your users’ data and other entities will be able to take advantage of the information management.
  • Operation and Support. In this way you can increase productivity and operational continuity, making better use of data resources and infrastructure.

We are specialists, we offer you the possibility of developing your software correctly so that it responds to the special needs of your financial clients; it will protect the data and comply with Law 1266 of 2008.

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