SQDM Consulting in Business Process Management – BPM

SQDM’s BPM strategy allows the precise measurement of the variables that your automated processes present; this, in turn, makes it possible to make decisions that increase the effectiveness of such processes. BPM is linked to the performance objectives supported by such business processes and at the same time it addresses the technology used to make that vision a reality; it is the way to manage a company by continuously generating performance improvements and, as such, it is a path and not the goal or the final destination.

The main companies that benefit from SQDM’s BPM services include Bancaribe, Banco de Bogotá, Banco de Crédito del Perú, Cerrejón, Credivalores, Experian Computec/Datacrédito and Refinancia.

SQDM has certified specialists in BPM technologies including AuraPortal, Tibco, MS Sharepoint and Oracle BPM Suite.

También disponible en: Spanish

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