Customized Software Development thanks to SQDM

Nowadays, it is possible to improve customer relations thanks to strategies that are oriented towards customer satisfaction and loyalty. It is also possible to carry out a BPM implementation that allows the objectives and goals of the organization to be aligned with all areas of the company, so that the operation can be adapted to the business strategy, increasing the effectiveness of the processes and giving visibility and transparency to the processes.

Today it is possible to implement systems that support internal and external processes of the company reaching the customers in the right way.
SQDM talks to you about it and provides you with systems and software that facilitate business and industrial processes.

Customized Software for Customer Relationship Management – CRM

The Customer Relationship Management or CRM, is the Management of Relations with Clients that is centered in the interaction of the same ones to manage to know the necessities with the objective to arrive with greater facility, this way, to be able to fidelize them. It also refers to the software that companies have to manage the relationships with their users and customers. But the CRM alone will not work, it requires a support company and software development that supports the relationship with their customers allowing you to obtain and maintain results in a short time.

A respective and accurate support will provide the technical assistance provided to achieve the monitoring of applications, everything is done by professionals who know the sector perfectly well in addition to offering a permanent assistance that opens a range of possibilities to solve all the doubts of operation in certain situations.

From SQDM we know the importance of a correct accompaniment (support) and with it, the development of customized software that allows you the Customer Relationship Management – CRM, that is why, for more than 7 years we have been offering you the possibility of projecting your company from three critical angles:

– Market Expansion.
– Market Retention.
– Service Rendering.

As specialists and, as a support company, we implement Customer Relationship Management or CRM strategies that place your customers at the center of your business right at the moment when we are where interaction through social networks is possible and allows the construction of closer relationships with users. To achieve this we have a team of certified professionals in technologies such as Salesforce CRM, Oracle Siebel and Microsoft Dynamics.

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