What are the business strategies that have impacted 2017?

You have probably wondered about your company’s performance and wanted to know strategies that would allow you to streamline and manage different processes that would also provide you with alternatives to get closer to your customers and automate your business strategies, is that right? Today, you can be sure that new technologies and software manufacturing that meet the needs of your business are those that allow you to know what your users are asking and present possibilities to your employees so that everything flows more smoothly and orderly internally.

From SQDM we talk to you about software development and we present you different business strategies that work and have taken strength in the course of 2017.

Thinking about software manufacturing and development implies knowing what you want to improve in your company and looking for solutions through platforms that allow you to activate movements that were no longer visible. Technology has transformed industries and the business sector, do not be left behind.

According to a study conducted by eMarketer when it comes to technology tools, vendors have many possibilities to choose from, however, those that are in the first places are customer relationship management (CRM) and automation. This is because companies are benefiting when it comes to creating regular buyers, incorporating new users and, perhaps most importantly, generating new potential customers.

SQDM as a company specialized in software and with more than 7 years of experience can offer you today different strategies that have been imposed quite strongly and only a company with well established bases can offer you, what are those strategies?

  • CRM. It is about Customer Relationship Management and thanks to companies like SQDM you can be sure that you are providing and offering timely experiences to your customers; besides having the optimal CRM consultancy. It is through Customer Relationship Management that we have been able to bring different companies to visualize their customers from different angles with the great objective that they can cover each one of their needs, as well as, to provide timely experiences to each one of the users.
  • SOA. Its Spanish acronym refers to a Service Oriented Architecture where you can design and develop distributed systems, all this allows to create an atmosphere of governance and proper control within your company and different companies.
  • BPM. It is the Business Process Management that thanks to a corporate methodology and management discipline is that you can reach the improvement of performance in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, in addition is the BPM that allows the optimization of processes within the company.

Today it is possible to count on any of these strategies that have impacted 2017 and all thanks to experts like SQDM, who provide all the tools and facilities for you to have within reach the successful and customized software manufacturing that will respond to the needs of your business and company without leaving any kind of loose end.

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