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Fourth industrial revolution solutions with the ability to transform your business

In today’s world where we are going through the fourth industrial revolution, it is only possible to lead the market if you are up to date with technological change. At SQDM we are committed to digital transformation and we offer solutions based on technologies of the fourth industrial revolution, which solve current and specific challenges of your business.

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Make use of cutting-edge technologies that have led companies to commercial success regardless of the original size of the challenge.

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Handle volumes of data that exceed what humans can visualize without being stressed by the time it takes to process this information.

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Make intelligent decisions based on highly developed and specialized mathematical models without having to worry about complexity.

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Find solutions in an unconventional way, different from all your competitors to add value to your business.

NT - New Technologies

SQDM offers services for the development of technologies of the 4th industrial revolution. These services are developed by a highly trained and technical team with knowledge of the tools from the application perspective, but also scientific. These capabilities are what allow us to offer a reliable service in a technology that still seems like science fiction, but that is leading many companies to success in areas that were thought impossible a few years ago.


Thanks to our teams and their high technical level, we have the ability to guide our clients to answers that were hidden within their own data, to solve problems in a different way and to achieve results that were previously thought impossible.


SQDM business technologies in New Technologies NT

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Machine Learning is the concept of training algorithms without giving them direct instructions on what task to perform. Thanks to the existing high computational capacity, these algorithms find patterns that solve our tasks.

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The high volume of customer requirements is easily solved by a robot trained to converse and solve customer needs intelligently without the need for human intervention.

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    We bring value to our clients through the integration of automated solutions and implementation of state-of-the-art technologies (IT). With SQDM you can connect your business and make objective decisions that generate differentiation and higher productivity. We are your IT ally.



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