Salesforce acquires mobile messaging app HeyWire

Salesforce plans to integrate HeyWire’s technology into its Services cloud, opening up a new way for companies to communicate with their customers. SQDM shares an article published on the TechTarget portal, which details how Salesforce expands the reach of its communications to any instance or channel the customer wants to use.

Focusing on service and customer communication, Salesforce has made its eighth acquisition this year, buying Boston-based HeyWire Inc. for an undisclosed amount. Heywire produces a mobile messaging application built on the Salesforce platform, which allows companies to interact with their customers and will be integrated with Salesforce’s cloud of services.

“The channels that sales agents are using, and the way customers want to interact with companies, have changed substantially,” says Michael Fauscette of G2 Crowd Inc. “When companies built a customer service suite, they used a call center, but as people we don’t talk on the phone much anymore. Salesforce wanted to add a different way for companies to interact with their customers.”

Today, companies are taking on other ways to interact with their customers, shifting from call centers and physical mailed formats to electronic formats, social media and SMS messaging.

“The idea of the service cloud is to provide the tools and software needed to provide great customer service and to engage the customer,” says Raj Suchak of Huron Consulting Group. “When you consider that, you think about where the world is going digitally-social networking and mobility are the two biggest trends.”

The integration of HeyWire’s mobile messaging app with Salesforce is most likely what led to the acquisition of that company specifically and not the purchase of a different SMS messaging company, such as Twilio.

Meredith Flynn-Ripley, CEO and co-founder of HeyWire recently wrote that HeyWire will bring its technology to cloud services, with “Fully integrated mobile messaging capabilities, enabling companies to connect with their customers in entirely new ways.”

Perhaps Salesforce could use this technology in new ways – at some point during sales or with some kind of interactive marketing. That would be nothing new for Salesforce, which has frequently bought companies and incorporated the acquired technologies – most recently with the CPQ software company called Steelbrick. By buying HeyWire, Salesforce can package this technology within its existing portfolio, rather than making this an application provided by a third party.

“Salesforce knows it must communicate with its end customers on their terms-where and when they want to communicate, says Karl Becker of The Carruthers Group. “By innovating and going broader and broader, Salesforce expands the reach of its communications to any instance or channel the customer wants to use. The vision and commitment to this end-to-end tool that continues to expand makes Salesforce more valuable as a single solution in an aggressively competitive environment.”

Read the full article here.

For years, SQDM -Software Quality Driven Management- has provided countless companies with professional consulting services on CRM strategies. SQDM is an official Salesforce business partner and a leading consultant in the design and implementation of Steelbrick solutions.

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