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Barry University relies on cloud technologies, including Boomi and, Salesforce to create a resilient campus.



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General context

Barry University, a higher education institution, is committed to the highest standards for your student body. To fulfill this commitment, the Directives of the University wanted to accelerate the lifecycle of the processes of students and faculties, such as recruitment and admissions, in their IT systems and human resources.

To optimize recruitment, the university was oriented towards cloud applications to add more data from prospects – and convert more prospects into formal applicants.

To improve the speed of decision-making in admissions, the university wanted to give admission agents easy access to relevant information such as data and financial data.

Finally, the IT team of the University needed completely modernize its technological stack to improve recruitment and admissions, but in a way that will provide resilience to quickly adapt to any type of disruption.

Technological challenges

The legacy systems of Barry University were outdated and disintegrated. For example, your ERP on-Premises application was not connected with your student information system (SIS) or students’ portal, the starting point for admission processes. That meant slow manual processes and a lot of paper documentation.

The Barry University began its scanning trip by launching its first CRM application with Salesforce Sales Cloud and then replaced its ERP legacy with Workday. These great technologies provided the basis to capture data and release their value.

To connect those key systems with Workday, Barry University initially used Workday Studio, but the process was difficult and complex. “To release the power of the data, we needed to transform and digitally modernize the legacy systems taking advantage of a robust integration platform,” says Hernan London, Vice President of Technology and CTO of Barry University.



Boomi has sped up admissions processes and reduced application decision-making time from 30 days to five. “With Boomi, everything is automated and our admissions team can make application decisions 8 times faster,” says Grace Ralfelt, Solutions Architect at Barry University.

In recruiting, Barry has seen a 48% increase in converting prospects to formal applicants through the empowered orchestration process at Boomi. The university is also moving toward a 360-degree view of its prospects and students, as integrations expand into onboarding processes in Salesforce, Workday, and other systems.

Automation, synchronization, and orchestration through Boomi are helping Barry University deliver a unified and resilient experience to its users, critical in their adaptation to the COVID-19 pandemic. The flexible architecture implemented in the cloud by Barry’s IT team will get the university moving toward remote learning and operations in just one week.

Comments on the case

  • Boomi will help to facilitate the re-entry of post-Covid-19 students, which shows that our decision years ago with a native integration platform in the cloud was the correct one for any situation we could face, whether a hurricane or a pandemic.

    Hernan Londono
    Vice President of Technology and CTO of Barry University
  • Thanks to the agile atmosphere we have with Boomi, we were prepared to convert operations into a remote field and facilitate remote learning by approximately one week during Covid-19. The technology in Boomi Integration unifies our persons and processes.

    Hernan Londono
    Vice President of Technology and CTO of Barry University

How Dell Boomi helped

Barry University trusts Boomi to solve its “data nightmare” and connect Salesforce with its legacy SIS, student portal, and databases for records and ratings. That automates what was the manual process based on paper-based admissions, and offers decision-makers relevant information to make admission decisions quickly.

The University also uses Boomi to automate heavy recruitment processes with multiple integrations that best attract prospects through more digital contact points. That is accelerating experiences both for prospects and for recruitment personnel.

Barry University has completed more than 180 integrations with Boomi, including connections to Workday. Now you are preparing to use Boomi on your greatest implementation of Workday Student to replace your legacy student information system. In general, Barry University has found Boomi faster and simpler than the Workday Studio integration tool.

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