UNIMINUTO reduced the costs of integration and deliveries by 66%, benefiting the student population and improving their digital experience.

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General context

The Department of Technological Challenges of UNIMINUTO recognized the need for data and applications integration but found difficulties with a business services bus (ESB, inherited local) which SQDM helped face. The total cost of ownership (TCO) was high in software licenses, hardware, maintenance, developers, and multiple administrators.

In addition, unguent found challenges with the speed and complexity of the development of systems integration that include SAP for finance, SAP SuccessFactors for Human Resources, and a Student Information System (SIS) Ellucian Banner. That increased maintenance costs affected agility in the delivery of critical solutions and made it difficult to search for qualified development and administration specialists.

With an ambitious agenda for ongoing digital transformation, UNIMINUTO hired SQDM as a strategic ally in the identification and implementation of a more suitable integration platform (Dell Boomi) for its objectives to offer digital experiences without interruptions to students and staff, while requiring to reduce costs, improve operating efficiency in IT and improve the administration of their technological resources.


UNIMINUTO is achieving its cost reduction objectives, IT efficiency, and business efficiency with Boomi Integration. It is creating innovative digital experiences for students and fulfilling its mission better to provide quality education to talented people.

Going from the local Middleware inherited complex to the native platform in the Boomi low code cloud has allowed focusing on strategic initiatives of greater value instead of development, maintenance, and solution of integration problems that were expensive and that they required a lot of time. With Boomi, UNIMINUTO has:

  • 2X improved efficiency in university operations.
  • Integrations were made in only 3.5 months with Boomi and SQDM, which had taken two years with inherited middleware to be developed.
  • Reduced the cost of integrating development by 66%, from $ 200,000 to $ 66,000.
  • Savings time and additional money in administrative and teacher work.
  • Optimized experiences for students and staff providing perfect digital experiences.

Comments on the case

  • Boomi has been fundamental for our technological evolution and digital transformation. The Boomi platform has allowed us to offer digital experiences connected to students and staff, as well as expand access to information and university services.

    Saul Reyes
    Manager of Technological Services – UNIMINUTO
  • By implementing Boomi, UNIMINUTO has drastically improved IT productivity and has reduced costs. A project that took two years and $ 200,000 with inherited middleware, was completed in 3.5 months and $ 66,000 with Boomi.

    Diego Vargas
    Founding partner – SQDM

How Dell Boomi helped

With the implementation of SQDM, UNIMIMUTO has replaced its local middleware inherited with Boomi to expand the digital services provided to students and college staff, drastically improving productivity with the development and management of integrations.

With Boomi, UNIMINUTO is driving online admissions and registration at courses, replacing what had been despended processes on paper prospects, students, teachers, and administrative staff. The University has also digitized payments, financial settlement, and access to transcripts, saving manual work and accelerating cash flow. Integrations with a Moodle Learning Management System (LMS – Learning Management System) and other applications to continue advancing are in process.

In total, SQDM has designed 47 Boomi integration points in approximately 12 cloud and local applications, including online portals for students and teachers. Transaction processing times are 50% faster with Boomi and the integration implemented by SQDM, while the accuracy of the data has increased, improving efficiency and collaboration throughout the institution.

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