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Canberra University implements Boomi to create a “single window” for digital campus



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General context

Intending to encourage students to spend more time studying and succeeding instead of completing administrative tasks, Canberra University (UC) saw recent progress in digital technologies as an opportunity to accelerate that goal.

As a result, UC launched an innovative digital travel program for students to transform the student experience. The result is an online environment similar to an application that enriches the lives of students with a contextual experience based on real-time information that puts them in control of their learning needs.

Technological challenges

During the last decade, digital services for college students have fragmented, which makes it difficult to 360 degrees of students’ experience. These services were often not “focused on the student” driven instead by administrative processes, organizational structures, and existing decisions.

The institution needed to modernize how it handles the interactions of students from the first request to graduation and beyond with the development of alumni, and wanted to do it within a single application to eliminate information gaps, duplication, and delays in the service.


Business results

Boomi has helped the college to take a great step forward in its digital transformation efforts. But the most important thing is that Boomi has helped create significant improvements for the digital experience of students:

  • Redirect of learning focused on the student.
  • Greater participation of students: promoting the continuous improvement of the collaborative platform.
  • Accessibility of improved real-time data for university calendars, student information, test results, and other student information.
  • Deployment of custom digital services.
  • On average, 50% of students qualify for the platform with 5 out of 5.

Comments on the case

  • With Boomi, students are more connected to the campus community in general with updated digital information about events and other community initiatives. This is a large part of the environment that we strive for providing.

    David Formica
    Director of Digital Information - University of Canberra
  • The Boomi platform connects key applications and data sources that students need every day, supporting the technology that humanizes learning and anticipates the needs of students.

    David Formica
    Director of Digital Information - University of Canberra

How Dell Boomi helped

The University of Canberra selected the Boomi platform due to its modern and low code design, which makes it easy to use, and powerful enough to manage the complex environment of the university of local and cloud-based applications.

UC implemented more than 65 integrations in 10 months, using the Boomi APIs to connect to 12 different systems.

Its digital travel platform for Boomi-driven students supports a unique and cohesive service view accessible through multiple devices, which perfectly integrates systems, applications, and Back Office data.

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