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SQDM Software Factory

We develop any system according to your needs, to suit you.

In our Software Boutique we are able to develop any requirement (IT) that is requested in an optimal way. SQDM software factories allow you to simplify administration and reduce your design, training and maintenance costs. More than 15 years designing software tailored to the needs of our clients, join us!

Simplificar - fabrica de software

Simplify administration and reduce training and maintenance costs for your systems and employees. Bring benefits and savings to your company.

Trabajo en equipo - fabrica de software

Our developers spend valuable time creating specific functions based on development requirements, thus optimizing available resources to achieve your goals.

Calidad - fabrica de software

SQDM is a synonymous of Quality. We are also certified to test and document our own or third-party software, thus ensuring that your investment is protected and in good hands.

Custom software development

Through custom development we adapt the software and all the tools (apps) that are required to solve your need. In short, we create specific functions to solve your requirements in the shortest time possible to positively impact your company.

Besides having made developments in conventional languages such as; .Net, Php, Java, among others, we have innovated by advancing the new needs of the digital market making developments in mobile languages such as iOs or Android. In the same way, we also develop on technologies such as Angular and other frameworks, making SQDM a competitive company and always oriented towards innovation through the constant training and certification of our developers. Human talent is our greatest asset.

SQDM focuses on the essential: answering the requirements of each project on time under proven quality standards.

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