A certain process that involves the development of software in Colombia, requires a special structure of organized steps to obtain a highly secure software product that meets your business needs and as a company. SQDM as a leading company in the sector and with a presence since 2005, has been characterized by providing a safe...
For some time now, companies have realized that Artificial Intelligence has a real impact on business, as it promises improvements in efficiency and customization in different processes. SQDM as an expert company that provides custom software development and Salesforce solutions, talks to you about it so you can count on the best in each area...
The impact of technology has allowed companies and large enterprises to streamline processes and, at the same time, to innovate many of their techniques and ways of doing things in the work environment. Nowadays it is possible to observe situations that were unimaginable just a few years ago, technology has favored work and will continue...
Today, it is possible to improve customer relations thanks to strategies that are oriented to customer satisfaction and customer loyalty; it is also possible to carry out the implementation of BPM that allows the objectives and goals of the organization are aligned with all areas of the company, thus, you can adapt the operation with...
Companies that must carry out different internal processes in order to deliver large orders or distribution orders in huge quantities require tools, methods and Custom Software Development that allow them to achieve business objectives. SQDM, as a leading company in the sector and with more than 11 years of experience, talks about this and mentions...
The problems inherent in software development are addressed by the architecture of a software factory, using design models, templates and domain-specific languages.

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