Large companies and enterprises are looking for performance and process optimization, that is why they have found in the technological tools the way to achieve business objectives and, with it, reach their goals.
Nowadays, it is possible to improve customer relations thanks to strategies that are oriented towards customer satisfaction and loyalty. It is also possible to carry out a BPM implementation that allows the objectives and goals of the organization to be aligned with all areas of the company, so that the operation can be adapted to...
Heavy equipment manufacturer Rotobec sees how integration with Salesforce Desk gives its service team the ability to boost its sales efforts in 35 countries. SQDM shares an article published by the TechTarget portal, demonstrating the benefits and profits obtained by integrating their customer service data with their information and sales strategy.
SQDM shares an article by Godard Abel, SVP and GM, Salesforce Quote-to-Cash, featuring Salesforce CPQ available on Service Cloud Lightning – now service agents are an extension of your sales team!
SQDM shares a Techtarget article where the integration of artificial intelligence to CRM systems is projected and the possible understanding and use that dark data can have at a business level.
The problems inherent in software development are addressed by the architecture of a software factory, using design models, templates and domain-specific languages.
SQDM shares Richard Hackathorn’s article, “Thing-Analysis Generates Business Value in the Internet of Things: Executive Perspective”.
SQDM shares Tom Nolle’s column about the changes that the telecommunications vertical faces regarding its OSS/BSS strategies. New trends in the telecommunications industry are driving changes in OSS/BSSS (Operations Support Systems / Business Support Systems) that generate a move towards automated systems and a management-as-a-service logic. Network operators confirm that the main trends in OSS/BSS...
The change management implemented by SQDM is part of a service transition process that makes up the general model of IT Service Management. The main objective is to minimize risks in the operation, guaranteeing the continuity and availability of IT services when implementing any type of change in the applications and/or infrastructure of an organization.
SQDM shares the TechTarget article: “IoT applications in the food chain
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