You have probably wondered about your company’s performance and wanted to know strategies that would allow you to streamline and manage different processes that would also provide you with alternatives to get closer to your customers and automate your business strategies, is that right? Today, you can be sure that new technologies and software manufacturing...
New technologies are offering companies and businesses the possibility of streamlining internal and external processes. For example, the development of software has allowed the personalization and the possibility of having systems that will respond to the needs of each company and large multinationals so that much more successful work can be done, achieving objectives of...
The main message of the CFO Summit held at MIT in November: Get out of your offices and embrace change.   SQDM shares an article published by the TechTarget portal, detailing the cultural change in a large global company.
SQDM shares an article published by the TechTarget portal relating important news in infrastructure in the public sector.
As the trend towards a connected whole continues, enterprise architects must ensure that their organization keeps pace. This is what to expect in SOA during 2016.
The demand for software QA experts is high and seems to be growing.  SQDM shares the TechTarget article on QA trends in software development.
SQDM shares Richard Hackathorn’s article, “Thing-Analysis Generates Business Value in the Internet of Things: Executive Perspective”.
SQDM shares Tom Nolle’s column about the changes that the telecommunications vertical faces regarding its OSS/BSS strategies. New trends in the telecommunications industry are driving changes in OSS/BSSS (Operations Support Systems / Business Support Systems) that generate a move towards automated systems and a management-as-a-service logic. Network operators confirm that the main trends in OSS/BSS...
Microsoft and General Electric have announced a recent partnership in which GE’s Industrial Internet platform will be made available on the Microsoft Azure Enterprise Cloud.  Through these technologies, companies around the world will be able to bridge the gap between the operational and information technologies that make up the Internet of Industrial Things.
We share the State of Professional Software Testing 2015-2016 – an analysis of survey results collected by the firm Techwell among 529 software professionals, including testers, managers, developers, analysts and consultants and which suggests that the testing profession is not going to disappear; it’s just going to be different.
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