Staff Augmentation Challenges-

Staff augmentation challenges and how we overcame them

In an ever-changing business world, organizations often face the challenge of finding the right resources to carry out their projects and achieve their strategic objectives. Here is

where staff augmentation becomes an increasingly common practice in companies and comes into play.

In this blog, we will explore in detail the challenges of staff augmentation and how it can become an effective solution to address resource and talent challenges in organizations. 

From the insecurity of business data to the lack of knowledge of the processes performed by the existing team, we will address common challenges that can arise throughout the process and offer practical tips for overcoming them.

Staff augmentation benefits

  • Access to specialized talent: Staff augmentation companies provide the opportunity to access highly qualified professionals specialized in specific areas. It allows companies to obtain the necessary expertise to carry out specific projects or tasks without hiring long-term personnel.
  • Flexibility and scalability: Staff augmentation allows organizations to quickly adjust their workforce according to changing business needs. They can increase or decrease the quantity of resources based on demand, giving them greater flexibility and adaptability.
  • Reduced costs: Hiring full-time staff can be costly due to salaries, benefits and other associated expenses. With staff augmentation, companies can hire external resources for specific periods of time, allowing them to save on long-term costs.
  • Agility in project execution: By having specialized professionals dedicated to a particular project, organizations can accelerate project execution and delivery. It helps to meet established deadlines and maintain competitiveness in the market.
  • Knowledge transfer: By working with external resources, organizations can acquire new knowledge and skills through interaction with experienced professionals. It fosters knowledge transfer and internal capacity building.

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Staff augmentation challenges

Staff augmentation is a strategy based on the knowledge of the contracting company’s needs, since these are the ones that drive the project.

However, there are certain doubts surrounding this service, and these are the challenges that companies that provide experienced personnel must overcome. Let’s take a look at the main challenges and how SQDM works to overcome them.

Corporate security and data privacy concerns 

Corporate security and data privacy are the main concerns when they come to staff augmentation services. With external professionals having access to sensitive company systems and data, it is crucial to put in place robust measures to ensure the protection and security of information.

One of the main concerns is the protection of the company’s intellectual property and sensitive data. It includes strategic information, trade secrets, financial data, and any other confidential data that may be vulnerable if not properly handled. Companies should be sure to implement robust security protocols, such as two-factor authentication, data encryption, and restricted access to confidential information.

What do we do?

To solve these concerns, we establish strong confidentiality agreements between our team and the client. These agreements include clear clauses on the handling and protection of confidential information, as well as the consequences in case of non-compliance. In addition, our teams perform due diligence when handling confidential client information. 

Lack of knowledge of internal processes

Lack of knowledge of internal processes is a common challenge that can arise in staff augmentation services. When external professionals join the team, they may not be familiar with the organization’s systems, policies, and specific practices. It can hinder their integration and affect their productivity initially.

It is important to keep in mind that continuous learning and adaptability are critical in staff augmentation service. External professionals must be willing to learn and adapt quickly to the organization’s internal processes. It may include participating in specific training sessions, attending follow-up meetings, and seeking opportunities to collaborate and share knowledge with the internal team.

What do we do?

We offer an innovative staff solution, where we establish clear and open communication from the outset. We seek to conduct a full engagement to gain an in-depth understanding of the internal processes, including the methodologies used, workflows, and protocols in place. 

It provides our team with a solid foundation to understand and work within the organization’s environment without any problems, in addition, we make a study of the updated documentation of internal processes, as this is of great help to our professionals. 

Gaps in communication between teams 

Team miscommunication is a common challenge in staff augmentation services. When external professionals are added to the internal team, there can be communication barriers that hinder effective collaboration and coordination of efforts.

One of the main causes of this problem is the physical distance or difference in location between the teams. If external professionals are in remote locations, face-to-face communication may be limited and there is a heavy reliance on virtual communication tools and technologies. It can lead to delays in communication and difficulties in conveying information clearly and effectively.

What do we do?

To overcome this challenge, we establish clear and efficient communication channels. It includes the use of online collaboration tools, videoconferencing, and project management systems.

In addition, our team is nearshore to the United States, and within our work culture, it is important to foster a culture of open and transparent communication, as this promotes collaboration and avoids miscommunication that can arise due to cultural barriers.

In addition, we seek to establish points of contact or team leaders both internally and externally, these individuals act as communication facilitators and will be responsible for ensuring that information flows effectively between teams. 

At SQDM, we know the challenges that can arise around the staff augmentation service, and that is why every day we work in the best possible way, applying the staff augmentation best practices so that these challenges become myths.

As Salesforce partners, we have extensive experience in project development and Salesforce implementation in companies of different industries. We seek our customers’ success. Our work has the highest quality, breaks barriers, and challenges the challenges that arise. 

We are ready to support you, contact us and start your Salesforce project today if you are looking for experts under the Salesforce Staff Augmentation model. 




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