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Expert profiles that you can access with our staff service

Our staff augmentation service for Salesforce projects is based on providing you with the right Salesforce experts to complement your team, understand the client’s needs and use their skills to guide you in the implementation of Salesforce projects.

The objective of our Salesforce Staff augmentation service is to generate specialized teams, which can be hired by the companies that require them to guide their projects, without the need for a permanent contract, but with optimal results.

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Salesforce Architect

Salesforce Solution Architects are not only experts in developing software, but also in implementing it and evaluating the results. 

This is a high profile, practice-level based professional with an understanding of cloud-based platform architecture, multi-tier infrastructure and users, have a multi-cloud vision and knowledge of good implementation practices to ensure project quality.

Architects typically help developers apply the best strategies in building software, solve complex technical challenges, manage upgrades, deploy and integrate Salesforce clouds with other cloud or on-premises systems.

 In addition to the above, they have basic software design principles and applied design within the platform.

Hiring a Salesforce technical architect ensures a quality, responsive, agile, and complete implementation.

Salesforce developers

Developers are responsible for the creation of digital systems, modeling and data management, development of Salesforce platforms within companies, as well as customizing the functions and design of the clouds.

These professionals are involved in the entire implementation process, from understanding the needs of the company to tailoring Salesforce functions to improve processes. 

They can also identify the best uses of data models, have knowledge of Salesforce search solution concepts and Salesforce query language.

Salesforce functional consultant

Consultants must be knowledgeable in all phases of Salesforce project development and implementation to be able to resolve any issues the client may encounter.

His work is based on the analysis of the client’s requests and the creation of an action plan, where the functionalities of the system are defined in the client’s processes, advising the client on all issues that may arise, before, during or after the project.

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They clearly identify the progress of each project and create a requirements guideline, analysis and documentation of the requirements.

In turn, they take on consultative engagements with complex business clients, fronting with stakeholders to create compelling visions, while advising and executing on team-based strategies.

Consultants can serve as a hands-on advisor, utilizing strong interpersonal skills, functional, in Salesforce product and solution knowledge.

Functional consultants have a more integral role, as they are dedicated to accompany customers or inexperienced users during the implementation and use of the platform, which means that their service can be hired during the implementation, or in case of any inconvenience after the implementation. 

Quality Consultants

Quality analysts for Salesforce are responsible for rectifying the quality of the implementation of Salesforce in the different areas of the company, also to make the respective tests to certify the correct operation of the program.

In general, quality consultants have an established methodology with which they measure the success of their implementations. 

The overall objective of this work is to detect early on any defects or problems that may occur at each stage of the Salesforce implementation.

In addition to these functions, which are very important to ensure the success of services and customer satisfaction, they take care of the maintenance of the implemented systems, to ensure a correct functioning of the system and communicate to the team and management the progress of the projects that are carried out.

Salesforce administrator 

Their functions include managing the critical functions within Salesforce, configure Salesforce features to suit the customer’s needs and make sure they work properly. 

This profile is one of the most special because they have certain credentials that a common Salesforce user does not have, for example, you can create or delete Salesforce profiles, create workflows, create custom reports of any area where Salesforce has been implemented (Sales, marketing, service and others) provides and manage access permissions to any Salesforce user, among others.

The Salesforce implementation administrator can also help new users quickly adopt their actions on this platform, and suggest, from the identification of deficiencies that may arise, adjustments in Salesforce so that the adoption of the platform is easier.

The Salesforce administrator is one of the most required Salesforce professionals services, because they solve daily problems and help users to adjust to the optimization process of their companies.

SQDM has Salesforce accredited professionals who ensure a correct Salesforce implementation, customized according to the needs of the clients, so that their functions are used to the maximum.

Our staff service, under the staff augmentation model, is ideal for companies that require a Salesforce project development, without the need to hire a long-term or indefinite-term professional.

We have the talent, you enjoy the benefits.




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