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How is the implementation of Salesforce ?

The CRM Platforms are tools that you can use to speed up some activities that are slow and take unnecessary time of your work team. To implement a CRM program in your company could be difficult, but is a good investment, it improves the productivity and the customer service of your company.  

One of the most popular and effective CRM platforms on the market is Salesforce, this platform offers to you a full catalog of solutions according to your needs, with an expert implementation, you can fit the Salesforce tools to your company’s needs and help to your teams to improve their productivity and offer an unforgettable experience to the customers.

Some advice before the implementation

  • Involve all your team, do a presentation of the implementation plan, so they know the tool and take their new role or changes in their daily activities.
  • Know the objectives of the implementation, make a list of the needs and objectives that you want to achieve with Salesforce CRM.
  • Know the processes that you want to improve or change with Salesforce.
  • Do a campaign inside your company about Salesforce to your work team be aware of the changes, it is important that your team know that this platform will help their activities, facilitate their work and improve the sales.

Challenges of the implementation

New ways to design the strategies

To take advantage of all the functions of Salesforce, you have to start to integrate the other applications of the company, and align the strategies with the functions of the platform. 

That is why the support of the Partner community is so important, the expert who is doing the implementation has to help you to personalize the platform, and train you and your team to have a successful implementation.

The changes on the responsibilities

With the Salesforce implementation, there are many changes inside the workflows, and the ways to design strategies in sales, commercial, financial, customer services and other.

The integration of platforms that use artificial intelligence represents a drastic change in the internal dynamics of the company. That is why it is significant to link the entire work team in the implementation process so that the adaptation process is more friendly and faster.

Data management 

Data without consistency within the company generates poor customer service experiences, that is why when purchasing Salesforce, data management changes significantly, and there must be more communication and connection between the different departments of the company.

Start with the implementation 

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Find a partner or Salesforce provider

First, it is important to find a company that offers a quality service, also you have to ensure that they have professional Salesforce developers, and their service is personalized, to take advantage of all the benefits of the Salesforce implementation.

The Salesforce developer must have a list of requirements that help him to give you a personalized solution according to the Salesforce functionalities.   

Design an implementation plan

It is very important to design a plan, the company that you hire has to know perfectly the needs that you want to solve, look how and where to start, and have always in mind the main objective. 

System implementation

There are two ways to implement this platform, from remote work or going to your company. It depends on the capacity of your company or the model that fits better with your daily activities.

In this step, the Salesforce developer starts to configure the platform based on the previous data and the processes of your company. At this point it is very useful to do some simulations of workflows or campaigns to know if the platform is going well, and familiarize your work team with the platform from the beginning.  

Data migration to Salesforce

This is one of the most important steps, all the information of your company will be on the cloud services Salesforce, and the processes will be faster. The implementation of platforms like Salesforce is one of the bigger steps in the digital transformation. 

After knowing the functions and setting them to the necessities of your company, the expert has to enter all the information to the respective cloud to start to take advantage of the data that you have, within this can be user registration, business rules, workflows, approving processes, study cases and others.

Before and while the migration of the data, the employees have to offer filtered and debugged information, to ensure good data in the future. 

Delivery of the implementation and training of the team

Remember that the company that is part of the Partner Salesforce community, must have to do training to the final users, not only to know the platform, but also to develop a strategic mind. 

Start to explain and prepare the new activities of your employees, integrating the CRM. 


After the implementation, the company that you hire, in general, does a following program after the implementation to ensure that everything is good, and the users are doing a good job using Salesforce as CRM. If in any moment you need help with Salesforce, the company has the obligation to give you support in all your questions and drawbacks if it presents.  

How to ensure a successful implementation?

  • Design an implementation plan: We said it before and now, it is important to have a plan to follow, and giving to our implementation a route to follow, that is how we have a good experience with platforms like Salesforce.
  • Have a schedule: You have to assign your time and the time of your employees to know the process of the implementation and the training.
  • Ensure personalized functions: Salesforce is popular for its capacity of personalization, the team that is doing the implementation have to know your needs to develop functions that fit perfect to your needs. 
  • Keep your company updating all the time: With Salesforce you can discover new functions, even needs of your company, new trends of the market and a world of opportunities, keep your open mind.

A totally cloud based CRM like Salesforce, you can have up to 27% of growth in your company and improve the customer relationships and satisfaction up to 42%, the implementation of this platform has a lot of benefits for your company.

SQDM has a complete team of experts that will support your implementation process of Salesforce solution under the staff augmentation or outsourcing model.




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