CRM Strategy

What role does technology play in a CRM strategy?

When we elaborate on the CRM strategy, one generally refers to automatic data management, and it is significant to have an application or software that performs  data storage and management.

These types of applications offer a complete picture of customer interaction, track sales, prioritize opportunities, and create a complete customer profile, which helps create effective and relevant marketing strategies.

A CRM strategy application in the cloud makes access to information and databases easier, since the service can be accessed by one click, without the need to install software on each company computer.

Benefits of the CRM strategy on your company

  1. Optimizes response time to your clients, since organized processes allow information to be found with greater agility, facilitates quick responses and better experiences for both the user and the advisor. (consultant)
  2. Increases your sales, a good relationship with clients or potential clients ensures a higher level of sales, it is not a secret that voice-to-voice marketing is the most effective.
  3. Makes a more precise and faster customer segmentation, which helps to design effective marketing strategies. Knowing the customer allows the marketing campaigns to better impact the target audience.
  4. Facilitates correct decision-making, with accurate information and projections at hand, you can detect opportunities and weaknesses in customer service, which permits you to make decisions that benefit your company and increase both sales and engagement.

You have to know that using platforms like Salesforce is an important part of the correct implementation of this model. The CRM model requires control of the process that the company does, but without the repetitive activities that take time, that is to say, control the process, but make it automatic, here is where the technology takes importance, and that is why software like Salesforce exists.

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What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a digital ecosystem that offers various customer relationship management services. It is a CRM strategy platform, which provides a 360° view of the customer to the sales, marketing, and customer service departments of your company.

The use of this platform will help your company to provide personalized experiences that motivate the engagement of your customers.

With its wide range of services, you can completely cover the customer’s journey and provide an exceptional experience, in addition to this, who has control of the actions that are carried out, it is you and your team.

Benefits of the Salesforce implementation

  1. 1.It is a flexible solution, as it adapts to the growth of the company and its needs.
  2. Generate insights in a faster and more agile way, which helps to be clearer about the objectives of marketing campaigns.
  3. It integrates the departments involved in the customer service experience, since the cloud service allows multichannel communication, without the need to install an application on each device.
  4. It centralizes the information in a single application that is updated in real time, perfect for making emergency decisions, or constantly monitoring the actions of the campaign.
  5. Access your clients from any device and get a complete profile of each one.
  6. Record all interactions with customers to see what the entire user journey is like and personalize the experiences of each customer.
  7. Automating repetitive tasks that take time for the work team, helps increase productivity and allocate the time and energy of the work team to more important activities.
  8. Organize the contact and all the data of your clients in one place, additional, enjoy profiles created to group your clients according to behavior, cultures, etc.

If you want access to this software, you can find Salesforce implementation services because with professional implementation, you can enjoy all the benefits of Salesforce, or Salesforce marketing cloud, if it is your case.

Which cloud do you need? Here are some Salesforce products, or clouds, that you can find in the ecosystem of Salesforce.

Salesforce Clouds that you can find in SQDM

Sales Cloud

With this platform, you can follow the increase in your sales, have a better targeting of your potential customers, and follow the travel of your customers on the sales process. It looks like a board, where you can see the names, contacts and the profiles of your customers and your potential customers.

Service Cloud

This cloud is perfect for the companies that want to improve customer’s satisfaction. It helps to agile the service interactions and decreases the activities of the customer service teams. Your service team can offer faster solutions to the customers.

Marketing Cloud

With this Salesforce platform, you can have automatic marketing campaigns, it is easier to reach new customers, create campaigns, and offer personalized services. Using marketing software for your company, you can plan, personalize and optimize the travel of your customers, know them better and offer the best experience.

Einstein for Sales

Einstein for sales is your data department, just in your computer, you can optimize every step of the sales process with predictions and smart recommendations, that will convert the opportunities into sales and keep your loyal customers. 

Einstein for Service

It is a software that will help your service team to respond to all the customer questions or problems, with smart templates that will fit perfectly with every case, also you can have smart recommendations to erase the repetitive and short answers.

Einstein for Marketing

With the functions that you can find with this platform, you can see the data that you will need off all your customers, or just one in specific. You can know the perfect time to interact with your customers, improve the engagement, and make unforgettable experiences. 


Vlocity offers you digital processes for big companies, you can control, regulate, know the laws and rules that you must have to know when you want to develop some solution. You can be agile in the sales and have better e-commerce.

If you would like to know more about the benefits that you can have with these clouds, contact us.

We implement a whole technological ecosystem that helps your company connect with customers, remember that SQDM is your ally in the Salesforce implementation.



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