IT Staffing solutions

SQDM staff solutions: Resources and staff augmentation

The term staff can refer to all the personnel of a company or of a department or work center.

In the chain of command of the company there are two types of managers:

  • The line manager is in charge of directing the workers under his charge and, in turn, is subordinated by his own bosses.
  • The staff manager, as such, is not the direct boss of the workers, but rather advises the line managers, marking the company’s policies.
  • The two manage (direct) the activity of the company and its workers but the line ones do it directly and the staff ones in the competence of their own business coordinating all the other departments of the organization.

For example, a staff manager is responsible for the quality department, who will supervise others in the company, from purchasing, production, distribution and sales; The same will happen with others such as human resources, accounting, etc.

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Staff managers have implicit authority; Line managers know perfectly well that staff managers are in direct communication with the top management of the company and that their instructions must be followed.

In any case, it is a task to be carried out in collaboration. It is true that the line manager must follow the instructions of the staff, but the latter, in turn, will need the information and requirements of the line managers to specify the policies. to follow.

IT staffing solutions

The concept of ‘IT Staffing’ refers to the subcontracting services of professionals in the technological area whose objective is to satisfy the demand for highly qualified human capital at the time and place that a company needs it, improving times and costs that imply direct hires.

This type of recruitment arises from the need for companies to have specialized, high-performance work teams that work in relatively short terms, in order to achieve the digital transformation of their processes or businesses.

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In IT Staffing, companies can hire IT professionals from different specialties according to the real need; either in terms of hours, days or months, -according to the requirements of the project-with legal and legal support under a regulatory framework of total transparency and security for companies.

In this way, it is guaranteed to eliminate the risks involved in direct hiring and all the administrative burden that it entails, finally allowing organizations the possibility of incorporating specialized personnel to cover specific needs in an agile, safe and flexible way.

For example, in the case of Information Technology: Software development, infrastructure maintenance, smartphone app development, hardware maintenance, database management, big data, etc.

With this model, there are certain benefits that are obtained, the main one is that there is much more control over the project, since the work of the contracted programmers or engineers is managed. Let’s see some indicators that you can consider to choose the Staff Augmentation model:

  • For projects that require specific skills that someone on your IT team doesn’t have.
  • When you want to increase your response capacity.
  • If you don’t need long-term contracts with software engineers.

SQDM: Resources and staff augmentation as Salesforce partner 

At SQDM we work under the IT staffing model, specifically for the development of projects with Salesforce technology.

This specialized and professional service makes us an important point in the market, since we stand out in this industry, becoming the perfect allies for companies that want to implement Salesforce to improve their processes.

The tools that you can implement with us are:

  • Marketing cloud: A marketing automation tool, it has multiple functionalities that help measure the results of each of the actions that are carried out within the marketing strategies.
  • Sales cloud: With this platform you can constantly monitor your team’s sales, in addition to obtaining recommendations or predictions on the actions carried out in the sales plan.

SQDM, as Salesforce partner, is your ally in the application of staff augmentation strategies for the implementation of Salesforce technology in your company.




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