staff augmentation vs managed services

Managed services vs staff augmentation in companies

It is  true that the permanent IT teams inside a company are a big spend, especially if your company is distant from technological services, so in case that you want develop or implement your own software, you can hire this services, that offer complete professionals that will help you to reach your main objectives.      

To SQDM, as a Outsourcing Salesforce company, it is really important to define the difference between other similar services that you can find in the market or access with us, to understand the benefits of each one and be able to select the service or model that fits better with your company’s needs.

Currently we need more flexibility in the company’s work teams, just to have a workflow more agile and offer faster results to the clients or to reach the companies objectives, so there are a lot of models that find a solution to create a more dynamic work team.

Staff augmentation and managed services are good examples of the solutions that you can access if your company needs an extra hand, so there are explanations of both concepts and the comparison to you know which fits better with the needs of your company.

Staff augmentation

Staff augmentation meaning could be a flexible outsourcing strategy, where the professionals that you hire have the specific skills that you need in your project. These skills fit perfectly with your team and help you to obtain faster results in your projects.

This model has multiple benefits, like easier project management, trusted quality assurance processes, costs reduction and makes the recruitment process easier. Beside this, you can find software developers, quality assurance professionals, Salesforce developers, Salesforce administrators, or complete IT development teams for specific projects, so you can count on a team or just one professional.  

We have more information about the Staff augmentation model here.  

Managed services 

Managed services are a sub-hiring practice and an outsourcing model, where some IT functions or processes are carried out by the professionals recruited by the provider.

With this model, the customer has the complete responsibility of assigning the activities to the professional, so the hiring contract is based on specific objectives, that in general are the performance and the quality of the results after the service. 

These services in general are offered to cover critical functions or emergencies, that is to say, some vacant or position that must not to stop, but also you can find services focused in quality assurance or supervision of the implementation of new softwares, in SQDM’s case, we offer managed services Salesforce. 

There are a lot of reasons that a company hires Management services, inside this, the continuous technical problems, does not have an IT department, unpredictable budget in the IT area, needs in support to do some software implementation.  

Managed services benefits

With these models, the companies can access multiple benefits, like: 

  • Is a faster solution to companies with critical situations.
  • Expands the capacity of the company to have better IT skills.
  • Better and faster implementation of new softwares in your company.
  • Detects problems in the functioning of determined software, or in the work team.
  • Trusted and neutral quality assurance processes.

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Staff augmentation vs managed services  

In a quick view, we can say that the both concepts are very similar, since both models are based in a sub hiring of skills that the company does not have, but the truth is that there is an important difference between both concepts.

In case of Managed services, we think in urgent hiring, to solve problems with determined  softwares or in an IT workflow. The hiring is by a stipulated time, so you can access complete professionals with multiple skills related to the specific software, in this case Salesforce.

With managed services you can access to: Support, maintenance, monitoring, reports, security and other professionals.  

In case of the staff augmentation services, we are talking about a longer term hiring, destined to complete or develop projects related to specific IT solutions, so in this case, the hiring company will find professionals with specific skills that complete the work team that is already available or creating a new work IT team.

With staff augmentation, we think in a team or an important part of your IT team, working to your project, not to fill a vacancy or cover an emergency.   

In SQDM we work under complete quality standards, and we analyze the needs of our customers to offer a solution that fits perfect, that makes us a good ally to those companies that want to do or have a Salesforce implementation, and want to take advantage of all the benefits that this CRM software offer to them.       




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