Salesforce versus HubSpot How to choose a CRM software?

Salesforce versus HubSpot: How to choose a CRM software?

It is important for any company to find the perfect CRM software that facilitates the marketing automation and other processes. The truth is that the competition is wide, and sometimes it is hard to pick the software that fits with the company.

Salesforce and HubSpot are one of the most popular platforms, since they count with functionalities and the good results that the companies had before the implementation.

That is why we bring to you a comparison of these two big CRM software programs.

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What are Salesforce and HubSpot?


Salesforce is a management solution, consisting of a digital ecosystem that helps the company to manage the relation with the customers and the internal relations, to offer a different experience to both the customer and the company.

It is specialized in the customer service, sales, marketing and commerce areas, with this software, the members of the staff can access all the information of the customer, supplier or other employees, just with a click.


HubSpot is a content management software that has a customer database that could be registers, commercial opportunities, etc. 

This software lets the user know the stage where the customer is, turn them into a sales opportunity, and the supervisor can know where the sale process is.

Description of the digital ecosystems

Both softwares have a large ecosystem, but we will talk about the most popular:


It is the perfect platform to invest in an effective and professional marketing strategy. The small companies can use it to have more loyal customers without having more employees.

In fewer words, it is the most complete tool on the software.

With this cloud, you can:

  • Make personalized customer travel.
  • Apply effective email marketing strategies.
  • Unify, segment, activate and analyze all the customer data.
  • Personalize all the digital interactions that you have with your customers, by SMS, popup notifications, and chats.
  • Publish, listen and interact with the user in the social media.
  • Use the data that the software collects for you and design advertising that charms new customers and keeps your actual customers in love.
  • Know all the data about investment, decisions and KPI definition.
  • See, manage and record all the interactions with the customers.
  • Unify the marketing B2B information.  


  • Sales cloud 

This platform specializes in following the sales process, from the first contact to the final sale. Also, it counts with a social network destined to the collaborators, that is to say, to the sales team, additionally, an app where the users can access anywhere. 

This cloud has specialized tools for: 

  • Sales reps
  • Sales leader
  • Sales operator
  • Marketing manager
  • TI professionals
  • Service professionals


  • Service cloud

It helps the companies to have better customer service, is built with different modules that fits with the customer activity, agility all the interactions, and have an auto service portal where the customers can create a community around the company. 

You can find in this cloud:

  • Customer database available to sales reps all time.
  • Live chat, where the customer can solve their requirements 24/7, could be a chatbot or a rep.
  • Discussion forums, where the customers can create a community.
  • Easy access to all the information that the rep needs to bring a good service.
  • A live video chat to solve urgent requests with mobile devices.
  • A platform where you can do work orders, choose the professional that fit with the activity and supervise the worker performance.
  • The perfect tools to offer complete services on your social networks, you can create and modify elements.


  • Marketing hub

It helps to improve traffic and lead generation, is perfect to implement inbound marketing strategies, also you can create and manage complete websites and landing pages.

It includes:

  • Email marketing tools.
  • SEO Tools.
  • Manage and video storage.
  • Social network tools
  • Content creation and blogs tools
  • Marketing analytics
  • Advertising management


  • Sales Hub

Is a sales CRM software to close business deals, it has very helpful functionalities like:

  • Email templates
  • Follow of the email interactions
  • Control and manage all the sales documents, create a sales archive and share it with your team.
  • Collect all the interactions and call details to analyze them.
  • Call records and automatic prioritization of the calls.
  • Contacts and profile management.


  • Service Hub

Its first purpose is to help the customers and service providers, a quality attention.

It erases all the problems that could happen in the interaction with the customers.

Also, you can find the following characteristics.

  • Create automatic tickets
  • Use frequent questions to create a service archive.  
  • Live chat
  • Have all the control of the interactions between the customer and the service agent.
  • VoIP software that lets you call directly the customers from the HubSpot platform.
  • Automatize the service processes


Functionalities of the software


  • You have first line contacts to manage, dashboards where you can have omnichannel administration, automatic sales and a lot of products that fit perfectly with companies of all sizes.
  • It offers you complete reports that you can personalize, you need professional services to personalize it.
  • Multiple databases, and integration of very useful tools.
  • AppExchange from Salesforce has a lot of options for any requests, you can amplify the apps and the integrations.
  • It has tools that improve the productivity of your team, automatize and personalize the process.
  • The technical support is free on the premium plan.


  • It is focused on the easy access for the users, it is not necessary to have an expert to personalize the software.
  • You can integrate other apps, you can find more than 400 integrations available. 
  • You have free technical support via chat, email or phone.
  • HubSpot has the HubSpot Academy where the users can do online training.
  • It is very easy to use, and has a very fast learning curve.




Powerful reports that you can personalize, also you can access to specific contacts and their historial with your business, and import all this information to Excel if you need it.

Personalize all the steps of the sales process, and you will know what happened, who why and how.


It has a fast learning curve that makes it easy for the sellers to adapt to the platform, also this platform offers quality data that you can use to have better visibility of your business.

Despite this, HubSpot has less personalized options, and the user does not have the complete view of the sales process that can have with Salesforce.


Is it true that HubSpot offers to the user more than 100 integrations, but with Salesforce you will find much more integrations that work perfectly, and you can personalize.

The interesting thing about the comparison of these two platforms is that you can use both at the same time, that means that you can synchronize the data of both software and have a 360 view of all your business, also you can add more tools without problems and take advantage of all the benefits of this CRM operations, for example, you can integrate HubSpot with Shopify and them with Salesforce. .

The more important difference

We have two principal differences:

  • The ability to customize, where Salesforce has more advantage.
  • The focus of both softwares.

The principal focus of Salesforce is the reporting, created for the directive team and has a strong analytic capacity, to help you to make decisions.

HubSpot is focused on the sales team, where they can maximize the use of the platform for data storage.  

How to choose the ideal CRM platform? 

The CRM platform that you select must have to help your sellers to close deals, also the commercial director, marketing team and other teams in your company.

It is important you know that good information is the key to good choices and know the principal needs of your company.

In fewer words, we can say that:

  • Salesforce = Medium and large companies, for management teams.
  • HubSpot = Small and medium businesses, for sales teams. 


Some characteristic that we forget to say is that the CRM of HubSpot was born in Salesforce, that is to make sense to use both tools, but if you want to use a more complete platform, Salesforce is the best option.


If you do not know where to start SQDM can advise you on the implementation of Salesforce, you will know the Salesforce workflow, and if you already have HubSpot, our professional team, will integrate these two platforms.

You can visit us to know our services, click here.



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