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Salesforce is the number one CRM tool on the market. We have already talked about this wonderful tool in the past and the many functions it has to help your company improve its productivity and increase sales.

This platform is complete and large-scale, which allows users to automate, manage and administer various areas of your company, to achieve the objectives that your company sets in the long or short term.

Before we talk about the tools we recommend, like Salesforce partners, it’s important to know all the tools you can access.

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Software Salesforce tools

  • Customer 360: It is an important part of the number one CRM platform. With this platform, you can accelerate the lead conversion, improve retention of your customers in post sales, and create a complete personalized journey. 

To integrate all Salesforce apps will help you to integrate more data to obtain more specific information to use it to identify insights, offer personalized services, better connection between your teams to create a unified experience for your customers.

    • Service Cloud: Create workflows and automatization based on artificial intelligence, offer personalized service to your customers, with Service Cloud you can manage all the channels by which the client can obtain full attention and offer specialized and personalized attention to each of your clients according to their services, complaints, requests, suggestions, etc.
  • Commerce Cloud: with this platform specialized in ecommerce, you will be able to manage all the functions and services of your sales website in a fast, simple, intelligent and flexible way; with this platform you can access digital solutions quickly and easily, considering your needs. Salesforce Commerce Cloud has developed a package of solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, which will help improve your online services and your relationship with your customers.

The Salesforce solutions we recommend as a Salesforce partners

Marketing cloud in Salesforce  

One of the reasons why Salesforce is the number 1 CRM platform in the market is because it has tools such as marketing cloud.

Marketing cloud is a Salesforce platform that has specialized tools, which allow you to know in depth the behavior of your customers, personalize each of the interactions between your company and customers and create a personalized journey that translates into effective sales.

Why Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

  • With Marketing Cloud, you will be able to have a unified vision of all the processes and active campaigns, you will also be able to access a single vision of each client, which facilitates the creation of personalized communications, from email, SMS, social networks, ads, etc.
  • Create a community in Salesforce around your brand to increase the loyalty of each of your customers.
  • Connect any application you use to create interactions with your customers, one of the benefits of this platform is that it allows and ensures a 1-to-1 relationship with customers.
  • If you integrate Marketing Cloud with Einstein, you will be able to access functionalities that involve the use of artificial intelligence, access all the information and data necessary to discover patterns and predict the behavior of both the market and your customers.

Sales Cloud in Salesforce 

Sales cloud, is a platform created by Salesforce, which promotes the growth of companies, by facilitating the organization and access to the information of each client by the sales team.

With this platform, unify all sales channels in one place, manage each sales opportunity and study the behavior of each of your customers, create workflows within the sales team to unify actions and project future sales thanks to the support of tools that involve artificial intelligence.

Why Salesforce Sales cloud?

  • Manage any customer profile, from potential customer to frequent customer, regardless of the status of your process, be it billing, quote or payment.
  • Simplify business thanks to solutions focused on the needs of your industry, so you can improve the productivity of your team and obtain better results.
  • This platform is compatible with another 2,500 applications already on the market, which allows the integration of information without any loss.

Learn more about Sales Cloud here.

The Salesforce community is quite extensive, it is based on both users and developers, but undoubtedly, the best thing is to have a professional and specialized team that helps your company adjust tools such as Marketing and Sales Cloud to the needs of your company, to take advantage of its full potential.

SQDM offers you the Salesforce development service, since as Salesforce partners, we have the highest quality standards in the implementation of the two tools highlighted above.

If you want to learn about and purchase our services, remember that our team works under the staff augmentation model. 

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