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All you need to know about Sales cloud in Salesforce

Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management platform (CRM) that provides tools to all departments in your organization, including marketing, sales, customer service, and e-commerce, with a unified view of your customers on an integrated platform with multiple functions.

Salesforce has various tools and platforms that span the different areas of the company, such as sales, marketing, customer service, commerce, and even predictions to build new strategies based on the information that recollect of each customer that interact with your brand.

It is a tool that can be easily adapted to any company, manage various processes within the company and gather all the data and interaction history of each client, as we said, the platform is built with various tools that will help each area of your company, this is the case of Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce cloud, Tableu and others.

Salesforce Sales cloud is a complete platform, it automates the sales force to facilitate the closing and maintain an effective workflow, which becomes a quality customer service and this is reflected in the satisfaction of your customers.

What is Sales Cloud?

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a sales software CRM that tracks, analyzes and organizes the sales process; starting with profiling leads, making initial contact through to the sales check out. It is presented as a board in which there are different options; in it, the assessor can find the names of current clients, how to contact them, from which channel and the specific way to do it, access to their profiles, status of the sales process, meeting notes or recordings, among many other options. It also has a social network for employees and an application through which sales managers can enter the system from any location, through their cell phone or other mobile device.

Through an easy-to-understand system, platform users can make reports and access them from any device and place with internet access, that makes the service be agile, complete and improve the customer satisfaction.

This platform has real-time performance charts and account analytics, so you can make quick and smart decisions to each customer process, and creation of a sales strategy.

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Sales Cloud features

Closing of contracts

The goal of all sales representatives is to show the best performance and get more sales. Salesforce Sales Cloud allows you to manage contacts, customer and internal communications, allowing you to obtain relevant information from your customers’ social networks, that is to say, all the interactions of the customers with your brand, all directly from Salesforce.

Management of business opportunities

Create automations to deploy and manage effective marketing sales strategy b2b with this platform, bringing sales and marketing together to attract, qualify leads, and shorten sales cycles without lose the quality and improving the customer satisfaction.

In addition, you can manage and analyze territorial sales strategies to link the right sales people with the right customers.

Partner Management

Cultivating and strengthening the partner community, to directly connect your channel partners to share goals, activities, and objectives with the characteristics of your brand and the partner’s objectives.

Speed up productivity

Thanks to the multiple functionalities that Sales Cloud bring has to your company, you can call your customers with a simple click and take notes by viewing all contact information and receiving incoming calls within Salesforce.

The Salesforce Mobile app, allows you to record calls and respond to leads, having all the dashboards to monitor them wherever you are and with any device that you have to close.

Sales Cloud allows you to create workflows to easily automate business processes, specially sales.

Integration with email applications does not mean changing the way your sales team works, just increases the productivity and facilitates the creation of new communications to your customers. In addition, it allows you to synchronize files through sharing to analyze and make changes in real time.

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Through dashboards that offer an overview and in real time with detailed and easy-to-create reports, obtaining a vision of your team’s sales forecasts and being able to customize visibility permissions to control your company.

Also, you can access to predictions of the sales forecast to start to create new strategies. 

Solutions of Sales Cloud for your sales team

The different functionalities of this sales platform have solutions for each of the members of your sales team, discover what they are:

Sales assistants 

Streamline the sales cycle, find and reach new customers, close deals faster. With this platform, assistants can access a simple view, with all the profiles managed by the company (customers and partners) and the profile of each client with all the necessary information.

Each user will have a digital personal assistant who will notify them of overdue tasks and points of conflict of each process, as well as identify new opportunities and leads.

Sales leaders

The sales leaders will obtain a follow-up of the team, and recommendations to exceed the proposed goals, in addition to increasing productivity, and helping to create new sales strategies.

Get faster actualizations of the data related to interactions between the customers, brand and assessors, to create complete reports and facilitate the decisions inside the team.   

Operators and customer service advisors

The agents will always have a general view of the clients and their respective processes, attention at critical moments is facilitated, since they will always have the necessary data to know the client’s situation and correctly address the respective request.

This platform facilitates the connection between the different areas of your company, since the operator of customer service, can scale the profile to the sales assistant that better knows the customer.

Marketing leaders

The platform automatically classifies each customer, helping the marketing leader move the sales pipeline, and identify the quality leads, to focus all efforts to create effective communications that improve the engagement and increase sales.

Additional, Sales Cloud facilitates the calculation of ROI, and the cost for customer that the strategies has. 

Know each stage of the sales funnel, and each of the clients that participate in it, to all the benefits and functions you can add a software of sales and marketing, Marketing cloud tools, which will enhance the productivity and profits of each of the strategies that are carried out finished.

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