Improve the financial sector services with Salesforce

The global market went through a lot of challenges that made the companies make several changes in the traditional methods to create relations with the customers. The financial industry is not the exception.

A proof of the changes is the increase in companies that are worried about the relationship not only with the partners, also with providers and customers. Salesforce is a platform that detects this need and offers a lot of solutions that work perfect for the improvement of the relations of the companies.

In this blog, we will explain the solutions of the companies in the financial sector, and the importance of the digital transformation in businesses. 

Acceleration of the digital transformation in the financial industry

From the beginning, the digital world started to enter the market and revolutionized almost all the processes of every company and the world interactions.

The digital transformation could be a risk to the bank since, the companies must have to change a lot of processes to fit with the customer needs, so it is important to keep the security and the good customer service.

Now, it is estimated that more than the 50% of the banking users and other financial identities are part of the digital world, doing all their operations for this via, since it is more comfy for them.

The digital experience, fundamental factor in the financial sector  

It is of the evolution of the digital world and customers, that continuously find companies that invest to offer a good digital experiences, since it is not an optional element, so that is why, is important for the banks start the transformation process faster and with high quality to have this plus of innovation both customers and the work team.

It is easy, if the companies do not fit with the digital market and implement tools that ease the operations management, and pay more attention to the relation with the customers, they will not only be obsolete, also will have big flows of cancellation of services and bad reviews from the customers.

Where does technology in the financial industry go? 

After the other points, it is easy to know what is the future of the financial sector. The complete digitalization of the financial sector, does not mean that the traditional customer service be eliminated, just will be beefed up and make those processes fit with the changes of the digitalization, to offer a better service experience to the customers.

Digitalization implies: 

  • Better user experience.
  • Less time in the process management.
  • Smart engagement with the customers.
  • Data collection that registers the customer behavior.
  • Services and accounts are safe and trustworthy.
  • Open banking.

To create a good relation between the customer and company, CRM Salesforce software, offers multiple methods and tools to facilitate the success.

CRM Salesforce: Strategic ally in the financial sector development

Salesforce is a company with more than 20 years in the market, that lets positioning like the principal business software of cloud computing, that is to say, it is a software of latest technology that manages the relation between the customers and companies.

This system works by starting big cloud servers that let the user access from any device, without needing storage devices, or security copies. So, that is why Salesforce is the ideal ally to help the financial companies to start the digitalization successfully, offering a personalize suite that fits with any kind of business.

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Salesforce’s clouds   

Service cloud

It is perfect for the companies that mainly offer services. The objective of this cloud is to create stronger relations with the customers to improve the satisfaction with the offering.

This tool does a following of the sales from the moment that start to the complete engagement of the customer, these functions let the advisers improve the sales techniques, see new business opportunities, and optimize their processes.

Marketing cloud  

Offer the automation of the digital marketing campaigns. It can be used for B2B and B2C companies and is perfect for email marketing strategies. Marketing cloud is a platform that lets you collect all the customer information based on the interactions with the company, to create professional strategies, both social media and email marketing to improve the engagement of your actual customers and attract new.

With marketing cloud, you can plan, personalize, and optimize the customer journey and know them better, creating a personalized strategy for each behavior and taking advantage of your marketing budget.

Platform cloud

This cloud is designed for the creation and management of applications that let contact the customers in a faster and safer way, all fitting with the needs of the company and customers. Platform cloud lets you create multiple applications without requiring a specific developer, you just need to drag and drop to automate the commercial processes inside your company.

Commerce cloud

Is an E-commerce software based on a cloud, it lets you enter to the market in an easy and faster way, offer better customer experience on mobile platforms, it does not matter whether you have a B2B or B2C company or business, the commerce cloud tools will improve your business. Commerce cloud lets you identify the digital buyers from any via or digital channel.

SQDM as Salesforce implementation partner

In SQDM we are specialized in the digitization of processes inside companies and businesses, our principal service is staff augmentation in the implementation of Salesforce. We are based on the needs of each customer, letting all tools that Salesforce offers been taken advantage of.

With our service, you will offer to your customers the possibility to have a complete personalized experience, optimizing the productivity of your team, and the support of your work team in different operational processes.

If you want to enhance your company and business ¡Contact us! In SQDM, we can help you to do a strategic implementation of Salesforce.



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