Lead scoring in salsforce

Lead Nurturing And Lead Scoring In Salesforce

The most common examples of marketing automation are lead nurturing and scoring, and this is because these strategies are created to share with the users the benefits of the product or service that the company offers to the customers.

The difference between both concepts is rather complementary since they are part of the marketing automation strategies.

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Lead scoring

Lead scoring is the way that the company captures the leads, in general, is a database that is ordered in real-time, following the rules that the company considers necessary.  Sometimes, and depending on the software that your company uses, in real-time, classifying the leads according to the status of each one.

To have a complete scoring of the leads, it is important that the company create scoring models, or access to software that offers the analysis of the leads, databases, and customer behavior, and starting for it, determine the scoring.

There are two types of scoring:

Capturing scoring

 These are related to the new customer capture processes, with the database, you can discover if the commercial team can do some actions or must wait until the customer gets the status.

This type of model is related to the new leads’ attraction to the database, and the classification to do the commercial contact with each one to get the correct interactions and create the perfect communications to each customer.

Engagement scoring

 In general, this is related to cross and upselling strategies. Is more related to the status that the customer has inside the company or the step that they are on the journey, the actions that the team takes, depending on the specific customer, and which is better to generate a second buy.

Why is it important to have lead scoring?

Mainly it is about the organization of the actions that are going to be taken within the commercial and marketing strategies, it is important to know the status of the leads, otherwise, the communications that are made will not have real meaning for the users. , and they will be scattered and ineffective.

Lead scoring greatly facilitates the work of the sales and marketing departments, since it is a way of measuring what is being done and when with each prospect. In addition, it is also a way to filter the level of interest of each lead, since not all will show the same purchase intention. 

How to use lead scoring?

There are two ways to apply Lead scoring, on the one hand, one-dimensional Sacking, where leads are scored from 1 to 100, this depending on the actions carried out by the client or the interactions, in reality, it is the company that decides which character is the main one to measure.

This type of scoring is not very effective, since it is equivalent to discarding low-scoring leads, and losing opportunities with them, which, although they have a low score, were actually ready to make the purchase.

On the other hand, there is multidimensional scoring, in which multiple variables are taken to perform the qualification of the leads, among all the options, to qualify, they can be:

  • If the lead has already made a purchase
  • Closeness by the user to the brand
  • The user’s location within the journey
  • level of interaction within networks

But it is important to count on marketing automation software. For example, a good idea is to do lead scoring in Salesforce, since there are multiple and complete tools to create effective strategies.

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Lead nurturing

The concept of nurturing refers to the “maturation” of the quality of leads within a database.

In general, this strategy can be easily managed with marketing automation platforms, because if you already have a scoring model, it can therefore be easily added, since, as we mentioned before, these two models are actually complementary. , not opposites.

In general, nurturing is done by sending emails to leads, but it is also done through chats on the website, and network ads, among others.

Like lead scoring, there are two ways to apply lead nurturing strategies: 

Capturing Nurturing

The ‘lead nurturing campaigns are based on the actions that are directed at people who are not ready to buy, where purchase education interactions begin.

Engagement nurturing

 This is different since it is based on the sending of offers, products, or communications, based on the behavior of the client or the characteristics proposed as important for the strategy that is being carried out.

These two concepts are important within the marketing automation processes because, in addition to the common processes, the idea of repurchase, cross-selling, and engagement strategies are designed, which in the end turn out to be very effective since the relationship is created from the education of the lead and not from the sale offer.

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