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Benefits of use marketing automation software

It is common to use the technology to improve some processes, this lets us be more efficient and obtain better results with more control of each step of the processes. The automation of processes is an important part of the digital transformation that we are seeing nowadays, and these advances in technology let us access new tools that will facilitate the work inside the company.  

The marketing automation is the use of software in campaigns to have personalized contact with the users based on the interactions with the brand in real time, this software facilitates the realization of some processes that in a manual way take more time, for example, the database segmentation, the automatic sends of emails, schedule of post for social media or lead nurturing.

With these techniques, the marketing professionals can access different tools that let them know the preferences of the public, and design personalized strategies to each customer, to offer a different experience and increase the engagement, also the companies can focus their resources on more complex activities.  

In general, the companies that implement these tools are perceived as more modern and have an engagement rate bigger than others, this is because the marketing and sales team work in actions that mean personalized interaction, and the public feel a closer relationship with the brand.

Marketing automation’ functions: 

  • Automate and analyze the marketing processes.
  • Control of the communications inside the sales processes and create reports of the behavior of the customers.
  • Automatic answers to the new leads.
  • Organize the leads, according to the behavior of the customer, to offer personalized content. 
  • Multichannel tracking with the use of URLs, that let control all the functions inside the campaign, like paid advertisements or social media based actions. 
  • With the automation of workflows, the personnel have the capacity of monitoring the behavior of the potential customers, so the sales advisors will have a notification in real time that lets them do an effective action at the right time.
  • Orientation and segmentation of the leads.
  • Cross-selling activities and easier sales to the sales team.
  • Facilitate the process of re-engagement, that is to say, actions that could be programmed after a proposed time of inactivity of the lead to remember him the products or services.  

Types of marketing automation

  • Business intelligence: Its principal function is to monitor the behavior of the customers, and create reports. 
  • Business development: The objective is to move the leads from the top of the funnel to the final sale.
  • Workflow automation: Inside these tools you can find, schedule, budgets management, digital assets, etc. 

Marketing automation benefits 

Better segmentation of the public

The marketing automation software allows the segmentation of the database faster, making it easier to create communications to each segment, based on the needs and the interests of each profile, even the leads that do not take a decision yet.

In case that the company is already a recognized public, they can use this tool to segment users according to their interactions and create databases to send specific actions, for example, send some news about their favorite product, or the promotions of the month. 

More efficient time management

With the implementation of these strategies, it is easier to create new and more effective campaigns and program messages or publications for the future.

Also, you will have clarity about which actions work and which we have to transform or eliminate and use the extra time to elaborate new and more effective strategies in marketing and sales. 

Monitoring the interactions in real time

You can follow all actions that you or your team are doing in the campaign to each segment of your database. Also, you can access this information like a report, detailed graphics, or statistics that let you and your team analyze the results of the last campaign to optimize and design more effectively your future campaigns.

Resources optimization

You reduce the spend on the personnel, and take advantage of the talent that you already have. With this kind of software, just one member can start a complete marketing campaign and interact with multiple customers at the same time with information that, in other ways, cannot have, like the previous interactions that the customer has with the brand, if is a new customer or has a purchase history.

Also, your team can develop faster demanding marketing activities that, in a manual way, could take more time and resources.  

CRM integration

The marketing automation customer relationship management is always together, the use of both strategies will help the team to reach their conversion and sales objectives, even you can find a marketing automation tool that is a CRM platform at the same time.

Also, you will have better organization of the data, and see the activities of the team to make that all work better with your CRM system. 

Multichannel management 

You can add all the communications channels and the channels, where the customers are and unite them in one place. This lets you have complete control under these platforms and create a unified communication, have better presence in these channels and have more interactions with your customers.  

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Do you need to implement marketing automation?

First, it is important to know that the marketing automation fits perfectly with any company, is not relevant to the size or the industry. But the truth is that if you want to implement when your company just started or is a small business, it is not a good moment, it is at the moment when you have leads constantly, and you do not have enough personnel to manage them, that is a good moment to implement one of these software products. 

Another sign inside your company is the need to expand the sales team. If you do not have enough people to manage the leads, some platforms can help you to manage each lead. 

¿Your teams need to define more specific segments on the customer database, and a complete view of each customer? With the functions of the marketing automation, the teams can access any customer that they need and have a complete profile, to offer a personalized experience without taking a lot of time. 

You require marketing automation, when your company wants to develop a multichannel marketing strategy, with marketing automation, you can access multiple platforms at the same time and obtain a complete report of the performance of each one.

Your team needs to create new leads that in line with the strategies and are interested in the market that you belong to, in this case, your company needs a marketing automation platform that filters the database that you already have and is constantly updated, to create specific campaigns for each segmentation group.

Also, this solution is very useful to escalate the new leads and obtain a complete analysis of the behavior, in case that the team needs to measure results to create new campaigns or just to have a traceability.  

Marketing automation is a good option for those companies that want to improve it performance in digital platforms, improve the lead level and start to make progress in their digital transformation, the truth is that the marketing automation born to stay, and over time, will be more important inside the companies, does not matter the industry or the size.

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