Marketing automation is

Marketing automation is perfect to reach the marketing goals

There are a lot of innovation solutions to have automation processes in your company, and the concept of automation in marketing is relatively new on the market, but the truth is that it has a lot of potential.

With marketing automation, you use the technology to speed up the marketing activities, and make them more effective. These automation platforms let you manage all points of the campaign in one place or application. It is very useful to have a complete vision and control of the channels that you use in your campaign, and the data that the software gathers for you.

In this automation platform, you can manage the campaigns on: Email, social networks, SMS or mobile messaging and ads.

The marketing automation generates qualified leads, automatizes campaigns and offers artificial intelligence that could make specific predictions to help the marketing professional make the right decisions at the right time.

Benefits of marketing automation 

  • It lets you develop complex marketing processes that in a normal way could be difficult or take more time. 
  • You will have more efficiency on your work team.
  • You have more control of the marketing actions during the campaign, and you have full tracing of the impact and the reaction of your community to your campaign.
  • The segmentation of your public will be easier and faster, this will make your campaigns more effective.
  • In all marketing campaigns is important to know the ROI level, is one of the KPI more popular and important, that is why the marketing automation is important, with all the data of the leads, known at which point of the funnel they are, you will be able to take intelligent decisions and save some resources. 

Important areas of the Marketing automation 


It is the interest that the community has for your brand, product or service.

And you can manage this in two ways:

Mailing and interactions

This marketing strategy is very popular for its effectiveness to show a new product to your audience, or keep the contact with your database, with the marketing automation, the mailing strategy is automatic when the user has some characteristics that the expert pin on the platform.

So, you can have a lot of campaigns at the same time, yes, you have to design some things, but when this is ready all the work is for the platform.

Re-attraction of your community 

You just have to define a period of inactivity to contact the customer, that is to say, if the customer does not have interaction with your content, you can do a strategy to re-attract them and send them a communication that refreshes their interest.

Automation of repetitive marketing processes 

All those recurrent activities for your work team could be done on the platform, it will help your team to save time and improve productivity. Some activities that the platform can automatize are:

  • Change the characteristics of various profiles in your database.
  • Automatic interaction with the users who visit your page, talk about your brand, or see your products.
  • Automatic user segmentation with two parameters, first, the criteria that the company defines, and second, the creation of a database of the users that do some specific action. 

Automatic education of the database

With this process, you can do some actions that help the database of the company grow and move on the buy process, those interactions will help your company to improve the customer service.

How to choose an automation process tool for marketing? 

Before picking any tool, you have to consider some characteristics that a good marketing automation must have.

  • Mobility: It is significant that the platform be able to be transported to any place, that is to say that the user can access it at any moment that he needs, and does not have problems with the accessibility if they are on a laptop, phone, or tablet.
  • Integration: Without the integration and complete functionalities, the platform could be only a database, a good marketing automation platform has to offer an intuitive experience, a good synchronization, and good integration with other platforms of the company.
  • Personalization: The flexibility of the platform is significant to fit the needs of the users, it has to adapt to the different sectors of the company to take advantage of all the resources that the company invested.
  • Easy to use: it is essential, to the productivity of your team, that the platform that you choose to be easy to use and that the learning curve be easy for new collaborators.

If you select a complicated platform, you have to do double investment, one for the platform and the other to hire a professional that teaches your team how to use the platform. 

There are many platforms that offer marketing automation, and are very effective, but there is no doubt that Marketing Cloud in Salesforce is one of the most popular platforms of the market. This is not a coincidence, Salesforce is one of the most complete platforms of CRM in the world.

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Learning about Salesforce is indispensable to those companies that want to implement a complete digital ecosystem, to accelerate their processes, improve the productivity of the work team and do an investment that will generate profits in the future. 

There are many integrations with Salesforce that the companies can do to have the best expert team. In SQDM, we work with Salesforce certified developers that will help your company to reach its marketing goals. 

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