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How to improve customer experience with digital platforms?

Somebody customers have questions about the functioning of our products and services, it is really common that companies count with communications channels, that let users interact with companies and do all questions that they have. 

This concept is important from the first contact with the brand, and post sale, companies have to offer multiple channels, customers can access from their favorite channel.   

The digital customer experience, talks about the moment where the user interacts with a company in the digital world. It is for that, the technological innovation has a really important paper in the relations with customers, employees, providers and other people that visit the website of the company.

Importance of good customer experience

When we talk about customer experience, we find to attend their requirements in the best way and cover their needs with our products or services, that is to say, offer a good experience.

Likewise, in works digital world, the technology lets the companies interact and get closer to their customers in innovative ways, and that is the reason that we have to think that the experience that they have with our company from conventional and online channels, it is a key factor to make them loyal and increase sales. 

For these reasons, your company must always find to strength and implement strategies and guidelines to generate good customer experiences in all channels.

To create a good relationship with your customers, let you improve the engagement and make your company grow. 

How to offer a good customer service strategy

Before talking about a customer service strategy, it is important to identify all needs and requirements, and supply it in the best way with our products and services, listen to their sugerences and offer a good digital experience with websites with good designs and usability.

To do this actions, it is important to know really well the target that your company has, so it is easier to learn how to supply all the needs that they have, and their lifestyle.  

Likewise, works customer service, technology lets the companies interact and get closer to the customers in innovative ways, learn about their lifestyle and the needs that you can solve with your service, so that is the reason that companies need to improve their digital channels, and online media, it is a key factor to lake them loyal and improve sales.

Your company always has to find strengthen or implement strategies and guidelines to generate good digital experiences.

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Improving the customer experience with customer service

First, you must have to understand that the customer experience has two factors:

  1. Innovation and technology.
  2. Interaction between user and company.   

Innovation and technology

The company must have implemented innovative tools, that facilitate the answer from the adviser, also, these tools have to follow the guidelines of usability, functioning, accessibility and adaptability to different users and different capabilities.

Interaction between user and company 

The companies have to focus on offering solutions to users and easy access and interactions on the interfaces that they use, offer to users that they need and want comfortably.

Now, identify the components of customer service:

  • Customer: Without customers, you do not have a company, do not have customer service. Companies do not have control of this element, you can attract new customers but not control if they come or go. 
  • Product or service: It is indispensable to all business, the interactions between customers and company start with product or service that company offers. 
  • All process of your company:  Maybe you do not notice it, but the functioning of your company is reflected on the customer experience and how the company offers customer experience.
  • Installations of your company: Specially if customers go to the installations, you must have adjustments for people with different abilities, so it makes easy that all people can access to your product and service.
  • Technology implemented in your company: All technology tools that you use in your company, is to improve the employee experience and customer experience. The objective of technology is: facilitate access of the customer to relevant information, minimize the efforts and speed up the management of all procedures. 
  • Information and communication strategies: Clarity, amount, veracity and enough channels of communications are the key.
  • Customer service process: It is the process that defines if the customer has a good experience or not, there could be some problems, but if your customer service team can solve it successfully, the experience always be positive. 

Knowing the basic parts of the experience and customers, there are some advises to improve the customer service.

Respond to requests quickly and efficiently 

The time of our customers is significant, so a slow customer service, and no much efficient, will be terrible for the experience of the customer. Offer fast and effective solutions, with all information possible, it increases the probabilities of a new purchase.

Invest on preparation of your teams

It is essential to count with a prepared team that has the capabilities to answer all requests of the users. Advisers are really important for the good experience for the users.

Use multiple communication channels

With digital transformation, there are many new channels of communication, from social media, to chatbots on the websites, also traditional channels, like calls, mails, letters, and others.

The customer is the center of your business

Think about customer like principal raw material, from them, you can improve the growing of your business, and know what works good and which problems you have to solve to offer good products and services.

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Salesforce: Customer experience manager software 

Salesforce works to help you to manage all requests of your customers and digital users, we know that it is hard to manage all requests quickly and effectively, there could be issues that need more than information or advice, with Salesforce, your team can classify the urgency of the request, and scale it to the dependence that can manage it.    

With SQDM, you can implement Salesforce and develop all the functionalities that fit perfect to your needs, our team, that you can hire from staff augmentation model, is ready to work with you.




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