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Improve elements of the user experience with Salesforce

First, it is important to understand the difference between the user experience (UX) and the customer experience (CX). It is true that both concepts are related and many times we can confuse them, but the focus is different.

For one side, the concept of user experience is centered on the product or service, its design and how we present it to our customers. The user experience is the experience that the customer has when they start to interact with the product and how they feel after the interactions. 

The customer experience is a set of factors and elements that are related to all interactions of the client or potential client, with our company, product and service.

This concept is often applied to interaction with websites and applications but can also be applied to social media interaction, building the company’s digital ecosystem and how it works, and customer service, that is to say, the customer experience encompasses more factors than the user experience, we could say that the user experience is a part of the customer experience and one affects directly the other. 

Having clarity in this theme and knowing the concepts, we can continue to understand how to improve both ways of experience.  

The basics of user experience

  • The strategy: It is important to have clarity in this element and know in which the objectives of all those involved in the development of the digital product are defined.

It is essential to have well identified the points of interaction between the user and the object to be presented, whether it is a product, service, or brand in general.

  • Usability: as its name suggests, is the ease of use of a product, service or digital content.
  • Design: not only refers to the visual aspect of a page, but also to other aspects such as information architecture or adaptation to mobile devices, all with the aim of facilitating fluid navigation and a satisfactory interaction experience.
  • Accessibility: Not all users have the same characteristics and capabilities, it is important to take this into account when developing and offering a product or service. Good design and good planning of the user experience is inclusive, and considers all the interaction variants, so aspects such as adaptation for people with visual or hearing difficulties must be considered.
  • Intuitiveness: The product or service must have to be easy to understand for the users, is important to know which are the needs of the users, and do a complete analysis to start with the design of the product or service, additional to this, the product must have to be close with the people, and be able to create a connection with the public.    
  • Communication: It is important to take into account the opinions of our clients, this is how the lines can be drawn and know if the expected objective was achieved.

Surveys, live chats, or creating forums are all good options to know the customer feedback, as long as you constantly monitor the opinions and make the necessary changes to please users and create a closer relationship.

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How to improve the customer experience with the UX?

Design an omnichannel experience

It is important that the customer perceives a connection inside the communications of the company, that is why we have to ensure that the services that are available on the website. Also in this point, it is important to count with tools that make the interaction easy between the customer and the company, for example, using a chatbot or integrate applications with artificial intelligence. 

Agilize the process of feedback

It is important that the customers perceive that the company is always listening to their opinions, so the customer experience manager can develop a strategy that lets the advisers listen faster to the opinions or requests of the customers and generate reports of the congrats or the changes that the customers recommend. Additional to this, the advisers must have a good presence on the social media.

Improve the SEO

All digital experience starts with the user finding some specific term, that is why SEO is so important, if we have a good position inside the searchers, our website can reach more possible customers. A good SEO strategy is not only about using the keywords, the person who is in charge of this activity must have to know how the possible customers use the language, this makes it easier to connect with them and offer a better experience.   

Keep the design of the product or service always inside the trend 

The experts can use a lot of platforms online, or professional software programs to do a permanent monitoring of the changes inside the market, with this information we can have a complete report of the trends and do the possible or necessary changes to the website, product, service or process inside the company.           

The implementation of Salesforce to help the upgrade the user experience       

With Salesforce, you can implement a lot of tools that will help your team to increase productivity and, as a consequence, improving customer experience.

  • Access to the data of the customers to offer a personalized experience.
  • Create reports of the interactions with the customers, to analyze which points work, which need changes and which have to be deleted.
  • Offer an omnichannel experience with customer service more complete and assigning the perfect adviser for each case.
  • Integrate chatbots inside the website and offer a 24/7 service.
  • Create an exclusive space to listen, classify and solve the questions and requests of the customers.

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