CRM with marketing automation

Know all about Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud is a Salesforce CRM-based platform that companies can use to improve the impact of their marketing strategies and user engagement.

With this marketing automation software, your marketing team can plan, personalize and optimize all customer actions, from awareness to final sale, to repurchase.

Within this tool, users can find modules aimed at different areas such as sales, marketing, and customer service, among others, who want to improve the customer experience and increase their sales organically.

The Marketing Cloud modules allow sales agents to contact customers and potential customers via SMS, email, push notification, social media advertising (ads), etc. depending on the profile of each one and the level at which they are in the sales flow.

The methodology of this platform is based on empathic marketing tools and the Me To Business (ME2B) system where the user decides the relationship he/she wants to have with the brands, and the brands respect their customers with respect, designing personalized advertisements that perfectly fit the tastes and needs of the customers.

Benefits of implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud in your company

  • With the CRM model in mind and in the company of this software, you will be able to create unforgettable user experiences.
  • With the high levels of personalization and the integration of artificial intelligence of this tool, your company will grow and with it, the tool will accompany you in every step.
  • Marketing cloud Salesforce offers you a 360° view of the customer, which will make it easier for you to send relevant and in-context content to each customer through the right channel.
  • Interact with users more efficiently and in real-time.
  • Build long-lasting relationships with your customers, responding to their needs and offering exceptional customer service.
  • Clear business objectives, with useful and measurable information to achieve them.
  • Automate the processes of communication, segmentation, data extraction, etc.
  • Increase the level of ROI.

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Get to know tools that integrate Marketing Cloud

Journey Builder

With this tool, the user can create complex user journeys through different channels and segment each action if necessary. The point of this function is to connect the actions of marketing, sales, and other areas to create personalized experiences for both employees and customers.

Email Studio

It is a solution for email marketing campaigns that offer the ability to customize down to the smallest detail, both the emails to be sent and the internal processes of the company, in addition to this, you can get complete reports of customer interactions.

Mobile Studio

Send and personalize interactions and marketing actions with customers through SMS, push notifications, or group messaging.

Add real-time attention to your marketing strategy, and remind your customer about product deliveries, meetings, webinars, or other events.

Social Studio

Digital marketing and social networks are closely related, which is why Marketing Cloud includes this tool, with which the user can manage the interactions that take place in social networks, you can create personalized marketing campaigns that convert followers into repeat customers, and also include the customer service or sales team.

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Advertising Studio

Manage digital advertising, such as acquisition, remotivation, and engagement campaigns, and find new target audiences and customers.

Work with the databases created on the other platforms and create successful campaigns on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, and Youtube.

Content Builder

Content Builder is a content management solution for digital marketing, it is designed for those large companies that require an accurate organization of all collaborative activities related to publications and digital content.

Audience Studio

With this tool the process of audience analysis is simplified, it is also performed from different platforms and gathers information in one place, which means a more complete database, more excellent customer knowledge, potential customers, better content, and engagement.

Einstein Predictive

This is one of the most interesting tools of the Cloud since it is the automatic study of data to make a prediction on the behavior of your audience.


It is the core of the information, in this tool all marketing data, investments, decisions, and KPIs are gathered.

With the information stored in this tool, you will be able to keep a complete record of ROI (CRM invoicing, profits after the strategies) and track the growth of your company.

Interaction Studio

You will be able to get live reports of the interactions between the company and the consumers. It is possible to scan user experiences and detect failures or respond immediately to customers, to nurture and maintain customer relationships.

Data Studio

With this tool you will be able to obtain detailed reports of all the actions carried out in the marketing strategies, it also facilitates the discovery of new audiences and the collection of this data, which facilitates the design of marketing strategies. Pardot

If your company is dedicated to B2B marketing, Pardot is the perfect tool, as it is completely aimed at automating this type of marketing.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a very complete and customizable CRM with marketing automation that can be adjusted to any commercial workflow, it offers complete databases that are useful for designing effective strategies and unforgettable user experiences.




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