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Customer engagement vs customer experience

There exists some moments, actions or interactions between the customer and brands that could be confusing at the moment of the following KPIs; for example, you and your team create a new campaign inside your company, and one of the employees creates a review about the changes and how much like it. Is it correct, talking about customer engagement or customer experience? Although they are very different in essence, both are interrelated and the objective of any company must be to improve both. In this blog, we will see the difference and how to identify each one:

Customer engagement

This concept is used to describe the direct interaction between customers and a brand, it can start from the brand, with ads or call center services or from the customers, with mentions in some social network. 

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There are a lot of ways to measure the engagement between the customer and brand, some companies use surveys, promos in sales points, comments on social networks and others.

Customer engagement is the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral level that a customer invests in interactions with a specific brand. More commonly, it is usually defined as an indicator that gives us the measure of how attached a customer is to the brand, which, ultimately, is an indicator of their loyalty to it and how much they identify with it.

Engagement can arise at any time and due to the most varied circumstances. It is not something that necessarily has to be identical from the customer’s first contact with the brand, but rather it usually has an evolution over time that can lead to the customer becoming a fan or disenchantment.

However, it has been shown that the interaction with the client from the brand favors engagement, especially that which occurs through social networks and in which the client is integrated as part of a community built around a brand. With which you feel identified. Being part of something is essential.

So, this is where the importance of implementing tools that help teams and companies begins. Moderate, manage and identify each channel of interaction, to improve the engagement metrics of each one and be able to create effective strategies.

There are multiple basic and professional tools that help manage each communication channel, in this case, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, is one of the most complete platforms on the market, which not only allows the management of each channel, for example, in marketing cloud automation studio, you can manage email marketing faster and easily, also offers predictions for the creation of new strategies with its Einstein tool.

Increase or improve customer engagement

  1. Analyze your customer data and foster personalized experiences.
  2. Detect friction points and solve them.
  3. Produce and disseminate content aimed at captivating
  4. Select tools to boost Customer Engagement.

Customer experience

Customer engagement refers to the impression of each customer of the brand, and the result or opinion of the customer in front of the interactions with the brand. 

At this point, the sales, and marketing team must have to take in account each step of the customer journey, since this can be a complete differential of your company, to offer a good customer service to users, you must know all the communications channels of your company to learn more about the customer behavior, and take decisions that create good reactions on the public.

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The purchase journey addresses the phases before the purchase, the one that supposes the decision and purchase action itself and the phase after it. Improving customer relationships is what unequivocally leads to more profit for the business.

Each phase has its possibilities for improvement, both in the journey of the first experience and in the global journey. In a personalized offer, the customer will feel recognized and favored, starting a positive journey that already predisposes him to a good experience.

Personalized attention during the purchase process, additional benefits or even the assignment of a personal shopper will favor the next phase. An interest in the satisfaction of the product or a good assistance and help to its subsequent enjoyment will have completed the path.

The customer experience, talk perfect about the culture of the company and the processes that it has, it is important that all companies apply a customer experience strategy that helps to manage easily and faster all steps of the journey. 

The use of the platforms for the supervision of each one of the steps of the journey. The Salesforce platform that companies can use, and that also focuses on improving sales channels, is Sales cloud on Salesforce.

This platform allows streamlining and improving the actions of the sales team of any company, which allows to improve sales processes and increase customer satisfaction.

Customer engagement vs customer experience          

As we said, it is important to know the difference between these concepts, at the moment of following the KPIs of the strategy that the company is developing at the moment.

There are some ideas to mark the difference between engagement and experience.

  • Customer experience is related to emotional connection with the brand, or how the customer sees your brand, this is something that you cannot control.
  • You can manage the customer experience through the actions that incentivize the interaction with the users.
  • Customer engagement is a measurable figure that can be analyzed and monitored.
  • Customer engagement can be controlled, based on actions carried out in the communication channels, while the customer experience is a perception that cannot be controlled by the company.

Being two different concepts, the implications between the two are clear. One of the main differences is that customer engagement is quantified, measured and acted upon with certain actions. Precisely, most of the actions that can modify it are determined by actions to improve the customer experience.

But, what if a reality is that both concepts are very valuable and have a direct relationship with each other, since an excellent Customer Experience is the main factor for having a high Customer Engagement.

Improve customer experience, and engagement, can be from customer relationship management strategies, through platforms like Salesforce that you can implement thanks to our team of experts.




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