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Salesforce CRM: Is Salesforce more than a CRM platform?

Salesforce is more than a CRM platform, this is because it provides tools and possibilities for companies to take Customer Relationship Management to another level.

Next, we will address the following two concepts:

  • What is a CRM, and what is it for?
  • Salesforce, What is it, and why is it more than a CRM platform?

CRM What is it, and what is it for?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. 

Customer Relationship Management is the set of tools, technologies, and actions that are planned within a business strategy to create and maintain relationships with customers.

But it is not only about a platform or software, the CRM concept goes beyond that.

CRM has become a key piece to distribute obsolete processes and manual efforts, to organize accounts and contacts in an accessible way. And to simplify and accelerate sales processes.

What is CRM for?

Its main objective is to help organizations improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as drive business growth and success.

A CRM allows you to centralize and effectively organize all customer-related information, including demographics, purchase history, past interactions, preferences and more. This information is critical to better understand customers, anticipate their needs and provide them with a personalized and relevant experience.

In addition, a CRM makes it easy to manage customer interactions across all channels, whether by phone, email, social media or website. It allows you to record and track all customer communications, inquiries, complaints and requests, ensuring timely and efficient service.

Another important function of a CRM is the automation of business processes. It can automate repetitive tasks, such as tracking sales, sending follow-up emails and generating reports. This frees up time for teams to focus on more strategic and productive activities.

A CRM is also a valuable tool for sales and marketing management. It allows you to track sales opportunities, manage the sales cycle, manage marketing campaigns, perform performance analysis and measure the ROI of marketing activities.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is an integrated CRM platform and not only that, it is the leading CRM platform in the world.

This platform understands that business and customer interaction changes as society evolves technologically. And thanks to this understanding, it expands the opportunities for companies to successfully connect with customers.

It is designed to provide 360° solutions to all processes related to marketing, sales, e-commerce, customer service, all touch points and other processes in the cloud.

Salesforce is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) company, a concept born as a result of the application of Software as a Service (SaaS) development. This model encompasses the complete cycle for developing and deploying applications from the Internet.

Why is Salesforce more than a CRM platform?

First of all, Salesforce is the No. 1 CRM platform in the world and this position has been attributed to the various integrated solutions it has provided to millions of companies around the world.

These solutions, as mentioned above, help with marketing, sales, commerce, customer service protocols, strengthen technology teams, and allow companies to connect with customers like never before.

Salesforce produces easy-to-use business applications that help companies connect with customers, prospects, colleagues and more. It also delivers more personalized experiences, uses artificial intelligence PaaS, business intelligence (BI), marketing automation, cloud computing and other aspects such as:

  • Resolve and manage customer service issues for any channel.
  • Attract more customers using personalized marketing campaigns.
  • Helps understand needs, wants and concerns to provide solutions and win customers.
  • Delivers shopping experiences based on consumer tastes and preferences.
  • Automates tasks with the creation of personalized applications.

Such applications allow businesses to sell services and marketing campaigns like never. It is the customer success platform that helps businesses connect with customers in new and successful ways.

Salesforce’s applications are:

Salesforce Marketing Cloud 

It is an application that helps create personalized journeys and powerful marketing campaigns. Through this you can take data, leverage it to launch each campaign and plan quickly.

Automation is also a key factor, it has a very intuitive interface that provides real-time tracking of each campaign and customer interaction results, thus producing automated actions in a communication flow.

In addition, it helps to generate very detailed ROI reports and analyze the entire customer journey, from first click to repurchase.

Einstein for Marketing

Helps manage omnichannel and digital processes, including regulatory, legal and other considerations that must be taken into account when planning and establishing the right solution for each channel, the perfect way to do marketing with Salesforce.

Einstein for sales

Increasing the productivity of service agents is achieved through Salesforce with this application, which implements bots, automatically classifies requests and recommends a successful next action.

Einstein for service

This application is ideal for understanding customers, as it allows you to analyze their social interactions, define profiles and find similar users to help increase your audience.

It also allows you to create flows and journeys, following a found sequence of interaction by content.

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Sales Cloud in Salesforce

This Salesforce application is used to close deals, collaborate and sell as a team, manage contacts and search for opportunities, from the first contact to the goodbye.

Salesforce brings greater agility to your company’s sales team with Sales Cloud. This customized sales platform helps you achieve intelligent and effective sales with fully cloud-based tools that not only increase productivity, but also profits.

In short, it manages contacts, enables sales forecasting, automates processes, implements a CRM model for a mobile device, and increases sales force productivity by 32%.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Enables you to deliver a world-class customer service experience, monitor customer activity across every channel, online and offline, improve people’s productivity, resolve issues quickly, and keep customers satisfied.

Through the Salesforce Service Cloud, companies can win over their customers by providing the best service and increasing customer satisfaction, offering them immediate solutions from any location and device, and improve customer service strategy .

They solve problems with agility and personalize each interaction with each customer because this platform allows the employee to access data from other Salesforce applications from the cloud storage, i.e., Salesforce Customer 360.

Community Cloud

Through the Salesforce platform, a dynamic and participatory community in Salesforce can be built, so that customers, peers, and employees can help themselves and each other.

Salesforce Community Cloud is an online collaboration platform that enables organizations to build communities and effectively connect with their customers, partners, and employees. It is a solution that goes beyond a simple self-service portal by providing an interactive and personalized experience for each user.

With Community Cloud, companies can build virtual communities where users can access relevant information, participate in discussions, share knowledge and collaborate on projects. These communities can be targeted to different audiences, such as customers, channel partners or internal employees.

Analytics Cloud

With Analytics Cloud, companies can explore large volumes of data from a variety of sources, such as databases, CRM systems, social networks and more. The platform makes it easy to collect, cleanse and transform data for further analysis. In addition, it offers intuitive data visualization tools, such as interactive dashboards and charts, which enable users to easily understand and communicate the insights obtained.

Artificial intelligence is a key component of Analytics Cloud, enabling the discovery of hidden patterns, trends and correlations in the data. The platform uses advanced algorithms to identify relationships between variables, predict outcomes and provide actionable recommendations. This enables companies to make more informed, data-driven decisions to drive business growth and efficiency.

App Cloud

Companies using Salesforce can also build modern customer and employee-facing apps. These excite and engage, all in a highly secure, trusted and instant environment.

With App Cloud, developers can build applications using a wide range of tools and technologies, including programming languages such as Java, C#, Ruby and Apex (Salesforce’s own programming language). The platform also provides a set of integrated services, such as databases, security services, messaging services and more, that make it easy to develop and deploy complete enterprise applications.

One of App Cloud’s key features is its focus on building mobile applications. The platform enables developers to build native, responsive mobile apps that run on iOS and Android devices. It also integrates with Salesforce Mobile App, making it easy to connect and sync data with the core Salesforce platform.

IoT Cloud

Connecting data from the Internet of Things (IoT) to the rest of Salesforce is another big differentiator from other CRM platforms, allowing Salesforce to give companies better insights and real-time customer actions.

Salesforce is cloud-based and all information is updated in real time and available anywhere, so you can manage a business from anywhere.

The integrated applications and solutions of the Salesforce CRM platform make it the leading digital ecosystem for businesses in the cloud worldwide.

However, to empower companies with this No. 1 Customer Relationship Management platform, a team of experts in the field is required to exploit all the tools it provides and ensure that the customer experience is managed in 360 processes.

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